New The Bruce Rivers, Criminal Lawyer Interview: "Who I Smoke", NBA Youngboy, King Von & More

Bruce Rivers made his way to the Youtube commentary community by reviewing rap videos as a professional lawyer breaking down some of the toughest cases.




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  1. 0:28 How Bruce Rivers started the youtube channel with his son who is behind it all
    1:30 "They love that an older white guy breaks down hardcore rap lyrics"
    2:19 King Von and "self snitching"
    3:17 The nuance on how lyrics can be used against someone
    4:29 How King Von beat a case because the witness never showed up
    5:11 Bruce's upbringing in Minneapolis and how he got in law after some lawyer screwed his Dad
    8:42 Working in different cities helps the focus
    9:22 Criminal defense is his lane: "There's nothing like a good homicide between friends"
    10:00 Bruce has rep rappers before but can't say who: "I love to rep gangsters because they don't bitch, they pay and they're smart"
    10:59 The younger rappers k***ing each other
    11:57 Bruce advising kids to build their future, their family, and make better decisions altogether
    12:36 "Successful blk men can be the figure that kids look up to to model after"
    14:27 Bruce on his "Who I Smoke" review
    17:00 "You have to make the argument that this is just art"
    17:55 Bruce strategy for some cases
    18:24 Talking about the King Von's case caught on camera
    21:10 Reacting to NBA Youngboy and being charged for having guns in his video: "Blicky Bruce"
    22:30 Bruce being a Youtuber get music submission now + If they can use his videos to make him lose his confidence
    25:05 Relationships with Judges and how one of his client was high at one of the hearings
    27:00 How there's not a lot of gray area when it comes to the law
    27:40 NBA Youngboy chase with the cops
    28:47 Bruce predictions on Chauvin was based on his knowledge and knowing the Judge etc
    31:20 Bruce pulled a g*n on his neighbor by accident during the riots
    35:30 Youngboy was already not allowed to be seen with g*ns
    39:49 Bruce doesn't like repeat clients who don't learn
    40:19 The consequences of carrying from state to state
    42:12 Fivio g*n case in New York
    45:26 The difference with the knives in the UK
    47:04 How Bruce reacts when fans see him out and about + How his views are going up
    47:55 There's no way Bruce would stop his long life career to be a Youtuber
    48:50 "If someone has to go to jail, make sure it's the client"
    49:57 How Bruce adapts when he clearly defends someone who is guilty
    50:48 When someone commits a cr**e while being high
    52:52 The YNW Melly case
    56:46 Getting clients off his who have discovered him on Youtube
    57:34 Bruce will not collab with other lawyers, that's not really the goal
    59:26 Spinabenz allegedly invited Bruce to play golf
    1:00:26 Following the Dante Wright/Potter case
    1:01:31 Law school was the absolute best and made Bruce love the job so much

  2. Albert Prieto

    Pretty good podcast I didn’t know what to expect 😂

  3. Funny how kids are hating on Bruce bc he’s white and apparently ruining YouTube lmao u dumb af he’s trying to help people by teaching us how lyrics can be used against you Bruce is just trying to help us by being a good guy.

  4. Oh Shit! Its Blicky Bruce

  5. 420Slayaa YT

    They got my boa Bruce drinking out the double solo!!

  6. Problem with tapping your phone on the bus is that there are tons of cameras in the bus and on bus stops

  7. “Bruce of the blick” 😂😂😂

  8. Blicky bruce


  10. Logan Edwards

    Bruce has lowkey put me on to so much music

  11. Verified Handle

    Bruce needs to run for office

  12. 41:21 No, no not everybody is walking around with machine guns.

  13. Andrew Madrid

    Buses have cameras

  14. Bruce blixky in the flesh

  15. Brittney Brommels

    This lawyer is a legend!
    I wish I had him in the past & possibly in the future 😁☺️😉 Great interview you killed it doll!
    Xo Brittney 💋

  16. gummyyummybabii

    Oh this should be interesting

  17. Adam got me watching the whole Video lmfaooo

  18. 36:22 It’s not the allure of shiny guns that attracts folk to the streets. The human brain begins reacting to trauma before two years old. It physically changes shape based on how a young one is cared for, how safe they feel in their own home. When so many people are already born in underserved communities, missing one parent if not both&surrounded by countless other individuals going through the same cycle of abuse, trauma and traumatic behavior become the norm. “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk if you’d like to read and understand more about the psychological factors behind our actions.

  19. Andrew Mcfly

    Old man widda double cup, damn

  20. Adam says UK drill is different but Im gonna say its weirdly similar. The only differences is the slang and they mostly hide their faces but other than that its the usual recipe. Name dropping dead people, threatening rivals, flashing weapons (including guns), etc.

  21. Bruce keepa big goose

  22. Nah he sleeping around lol

  23. david madrid

    Blicky bruce sipping out the double cup

  24. Slick mother lover

  25. cheesy1nacho

    No wife to deal with😂🦾

  26. I like this dude. It would be awesome if adam hired him to do short segments giving his take and social commentary on current court cases of your favorite artists and what outcomes to expect. I think it would make for a great series

  27. PhD 5-MeO-DMT

    Common sense isn’t common anymore🤑🤑🤑

  28. Open a law firm right on the Block 😂 oops off the block. Yeah you a Nigga too Bruce

  29. Joseph Reckert

    Well no fucking shit!

  30. 44:00 Bruce is Og

  31. Untamed Dotarachi3s

    Yesssirrr Bruce one solid guy 💯 Adam deff gotta bring 1090 jake, cause he’s rocking with us like we rocking with him 🤝

  32. 21:10 “I don’t have guns in my video” …………. dafuqq

  33. Lilchico 970

    He know damn well he got guns in his vuds

  34. Simon Benjamin

    Buy large Mansions

  35. Road Runnerr

    No way

  36. Kojo Da Reaper

    He really got him on here lmao

  37. Kojo Da Reaper


  38. This the man you need when you go interview with Dj vlad

  39. Vince Breeze

    you can tell adam dont like NBA

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