New The Constitutional Rights of Parents – with Divorce Attorney Andy Fox – FIS No. 60

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Is there a constitutional right to be a parent? Join my live discussion with Tennessee Divorce Attorney Andy Fox about some of the child custody shenanigans that go on, as well as the constitutional rights to be a parent, and other things. #ChildCustody #FamilyCourt #DivorceAttorney

Join us live at 6:30 pm ET on Freedom is Scary – Episode No. 60.


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  1. Many people do not know that the County that processes Child Support payments receive matching Title IV funds for every open CS case.

    The courts have a financial incentive to limit custody to increase a CS obligation to increase income for their county.

    I've never heard anyone address this conflict of interest.

  2. Go Gators. I’m a Gator Engineer, thinking about UF law since it has always fascinated me. Just a hard sell to take 3 years away from career advancement in my own field…. that being said, depending on the practice, the law can be very lucrative.

    There are just so many lawyers right now.

  3. Family Court is corrupt and Child Support is Big Business for the States because of Federal funds available. Marriage is a trap especially for fathers and these divorce attorneys are getting rich on broken families, stirring the pot and claiming the best interest of the child. Watch the Divorce Corp Documentary.

  4. The simplest solutions work the best, boys. If the game is rigged, the only way you win is not to play.

    "The land of the free and the home of the brave"
    comes to my mind, sadly just a joke now,
    people laugh when they hear this expression.
    But I´ll say it again "Americans are armed to their
    teeth but they think guns are for bragging about,
    trading and admiring…."
    And the POLLYANNA GAME about the 1st & the 2nd
    amendments: "Well we still got a little bit of freedom
    of speech left, it´s not much but we still got it, let´s at
    least be GLAD about that !"
    "We still got our guns, we´re not allowed to use them
    anymore because there are so many anti-gun laws
    but at least we got them so let´s be GLAD about that !"
    "And sure we live in a police state and we have to get
    used to tyranny but let´s just accept it and let´s be wise
    and be GLAD about it !"

  6. I have a article, a study on restrianing orders, the whole goal is to make the man a advistory to the woman n kids. Fact. The shelter doesn't get any grants if there aren't woman in there.

  7. 2.000 thousand Shelters for batters women, 1 for men, the shelter wrote false accusations, n lied. A woman is 4 n half times more likely to harm or kill her kids then a man, Susan Smith, drove 2 kids in a lake n said a Black did it, she did it, Yates in Texas drown 5 kids in a bathtub, the youngest was a 6 month old, the cops were crying.

  8. Our son and his girl just got their son back from the state of Illinois kidnappers. My grandson was abused and neglected by the state because we offered to provide care for our grandson. State refused. The sad thing is that our grandson could have been so much further along in development than he is. Gonna raise some hell for the state and the paid caretaker

  9. I'm in Ohio. My ex is a half black/white woman. I beat her in court and got custody of my 2 kid's. Things are starting to change here. When we went to court the judge was a black woman. I thought I was done. But she came back and said that I was the better parent.

  10. Thanks John. A subject i'm not real familiar with.

    To: 'Time4aNew System' << sorry i was late – kept looking checking – notice not open yet. got busy reading – in at 2130 hrs.
    There NOW. if reading this tonight. (26ap'21) please forgive me. – hope you stayed and listened. =)

  11. If you didn't come for a UFC breakdown… 14:00
    To be clear very much appreciate the legal perspectives on law and related subjects.
    I live in Tennessee… Bottom line, a woman would have to be grossly unfit before the state will remove custody, but as a man even a minor excuse will see your rights stripped. Officially they're trying to be more modern in their thinking, but in practical terms the mother first mentality still heavily exists all the way from the courts to law enforcement. CPS is entirely another thing as they are monetarily incentivized to back the mothers (again unless grossly unfit) and pursue the fathers for support. The faster they can get a mother and child into the system the faster they can get another revenue stream started for CPS. It's disgusting.

  12. No man should be a "non custodial parent" "obligor" or "legal guardian". as long as you one of these titles.. an attorney cannot help.. they can help reduce the size of the dck bit they still gonna shove it in.. I challenge you to tell me I'm lying