New THE CUSP OF THE TRUTH: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All: Part 25

SO..damn…CLOSE…i can practically taste the truth at this point….why do I taste 4kids orange juice?

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Nerte Kofi:

Hey guys what did you think of the new emblem? It was made by Nerte and it looks utterly awesome.

The thumbnail template was made by the talented SkydivingQuagga
Here is his deviant art, go check em out~

Thank you to Kororo, Okonogi Tetsuro, Nerte and Shirodebby for making such a wonderful heartwarming piece. I love each and everyone of you guys and no words in the english dictionary can properly convey how thankful and honored I am.

Below is a link to my own Youtube Discord server, feel free to hop in and have fun and join in the madness of the Knightlings Community

Outro: Cliffhanger
Made by King Mel:

King Mel’s Soundcloud:


Nertivity art page:

Shiros art blog:

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Thank you all for watching.

Knightmare Icon done by :

Extra Art by:

Channel Banner and Icon by:

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