New The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve #48 ~ The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo – Trial, Part 3 (4/5)

It’s finally here, the official translation of The Great Ace Attorney series!

The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

Chapter 5
The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo
Trial, Part 3


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  1. Julio Gomes de Souza

    30:42 is when my face started cosplaying niagara falls.

  2. Tomate Aterrador


    Caught me so offguard that I can't stop laughing.

  3. Genshin: please go to this address, there’s a woman there, she’s gonna have a baby, you’re a medic, you’re her only hope
    Yuujin: Your baby?
    Genshin: B-BAKA 😡

  4. 31:05 everyone liked that

  5. Benjamin Fox

    What a case. What a game! I understand why everyone talked about how phenomenal the second game would be. This series has been great all the way from the start. The score, characters, and cases were just phenomenal. It definitely makes my top 3 for ace attorney games. Ty Slyzer for allowing me to see not just this game, but all of the ace attorney games.

  6. ThatOnePipsqueak

    Barok finally said "Japanese" and not "Nipponese". At last, respect!

  7. It was good seeing the judge again

    Stronghart was so intimidating lol

  8. Their feet and legs should be hurting for standing up way to long.

  9. I hope we finally get to see van Zieks smile.
    Van Zieks: 😑

  10. keepthebeat929

    I'll be damned if this hasn't jumped into my top 3 Ace Attorney games. Phew.

  11. WobblewokGaming

    Wait, so Iris is a member of the Van Zieks family?!

  12. So since that case of Kazuma's "death" on the ship, do we know if the girl who accidentally caused it is still alive or was she put to death? because that would be so bold if she was put to death and Kazuma is alive!

  13. İbrahim Ayaz Bulgan

    One final episode… and we can get to breakdowns and bonus content

  14. I was hoping for sholmes to cry
    he didn't.

  15. DatOrangeNinja

    Hey, we finally get to see the Judge’s bench without the scales now!

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