New The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

Who knew July would be such a great month for games!

Review Written by Kate Gray:

Video by Zion Grassl

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  1. “It relies so much on Japanese culture, that It can at times feel alienating”

    Okay then let’s throw some Guns, Big Boobs, and Cheese Burgers into the mix to make you feel more familiar with the setting.

    In the year 2021, where everyone is more connected now more than ever, especially in the gaming world, that has to be the most bizarre critique I’ve ever heard.
    Still enjoyed the review but I HAD to comment on that 😂😂😂

  2. DirtyMead Studios

    Taking a chance and buying this. Can't wait to try🌊

  3. Pablo Guerrero

    How's the frame rate on Switch? Does it lag a lot? I've seen gameplay on PS4 and PC, it runs great on PS4, but on PC you have to mess with settings to get it looking nice, which does make me concerned how it'll be on the lower powered Switch

  4. Played 2 Episodes. I love it so much

  5. I got the PS4 version it feels fresh but really slow

  6. SeriousMcnegative

    Read Gray's piece on the site and her passion and enthusiasm for the series shines through, albeit ever tempered by an objective, even hand throughout.

    A 'sansburys'? Truly life imitating art, with Zion getting lost on the cultural reference!

  7. Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain, so it’s not that the developers were intending to avoid copyright but more likely that they wanted their own character with a jokey name similar enough for you to get the point of what that character is all about.

  8. This game is too expensive for just reading the text

  9. RevolverLink

    I actually cried when Capcom announced that the Great Ace Attorney duology would be coming this year. The entire Ace Attorney series is something I hold near and dear to my heart, and I had nearly given up hope that we'd ever get official releases for both of these games.

  10. I feel the small cast is due to the 3DS original limitation. But that also allows some side characters to get more development than in most other Ace Attorneys I feel.

  11. Sofi The Yoshi 2.0

    This game is great but I hate that they got rid of b skipping text

  12. while good review but why you sound like someone who don't really appreciate Japanese or asian culture in general

  13. Subhodeep Das

    This video on my phone has better and louder audio than the game on Switch handheld. Wasted my money on the worst possible version.

  14. Yung Thunder

    I have kept hoping any of these games will surpass the original trilogy.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem like the one

  15. Christian Sasser / MH4

    7:25 shoutouts to piggly wiggly

  16. Can't wait to get this, it's looking amazing! I discovered the AA series in 2019 and it's quickly become a favorite of mine. Recently I've finished all main games, having played Spirit of Justice a few weeks back, and it's been fun all the way. Now I gotta get this, the Layton crossover, and Investigations.

    Hopefully Capcom is also considering localizing Investigations 2? 👀

  17. When can we expect localized Investigations 2

  18. SamtheBravesFan

    Man, looking forward to this one. Got a few other things to get through, but I'm pumped for it!

  19. Ordered both the Trilogy and this off 365games looking forward to giving these a bash

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