New The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles with an Actual Lawyer! Part 1

Here’s the 1st episode in our Great Ace Attorney Chronicles with an Actual Lawyer let’s play series! We have our real lawyer to playthrough the Ace Attorney franchise and show us just how realistic is the court system depicted in Great Ace Attorney Chronicles let’s play as well as our professional voice actor voice all the roles! In this episode, we meet our unlikely hero, Ryunosuke Naruhodo who finds himself in a precarious position to start the game!

We record the show live on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm EST, so feel free to watch us play and interact with us in the chat on our twitch at:

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Here’s a list of credit for all the people who have sent in submissions for us, and links to where you can find more of their amazing work:

Also, check out Wes’ podcast to hear more from him:

00:00 – Intro
2:25 – Gameplay Start

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  1. If you like the series, follow us on Twitch so you can watch us record it live!

    And if you'd like to chat with us, join our discord here:

    3:53 – This game takes place at the advent of Steam
    6:26 – Here comes the boi
    19:27 – We getting married today?
    22:36 – The Supreme Court of Juicy-Couture
    45:14 – Ryan
    48:40 – GEEZ RYAN

  2. Ah… another spoiler alert for me… will be waiting for you guys returning for Phoenix

  3. I’d recommend also bringing on a Sherlock Holmes expert for this game and the sequel.

  4. A new Ace Attorney game playthrough, featuring Ryun, Kaz, and Wes's extremely heterosexual haircut .

  5. Suil A. Martinez Valentin

    YES A SERIES I CAN CATCH LIVE!! I joined way too late to the hype party BUT I MADE IT :DD

  6. Phoenix Wright

    Aight, bois! We going back in time a couple of centuries! Wait…why am I fading awaaaaa-…..

  7. Look at this photo print.
    Everytime I see it, it makes me squint.
    The victim had a stint.
    With a bullet, a bullet

  8. 9G_Sastha Resky

    the "you don't think ill be able to get you off" line catches me off guard every single time and I have watched like 4 different people play this game

  9. Sonic & Tails X

    48:27 Me who loves to draw and has a passion for it That's it! I'm going back in time and kick his ass for saying that! Anyone else want to come?!

    Also I can't for the life of me be able to pronounce Japanese names in this game! I am just awful at pronouncing foreign names that aren't English.

  10. Oh man I think IGN actually took the review down, I can't find it anywhere!

  11. I love the Scottish Meiji-era judge LOL. Also I hope you all have fun with this game it's easily one of my favourites in the whole series 😊

  12. Really nice attention to detail having Sakura blossoms in the background!

  13. Elijah Harris

    I got a Great Ace Attorney ad while watching this.

  14. So the translators figured we wouldn’t know the word “amity” and used “friendship” instead, but then they threw “precis” at us?? What even XD

  15. Is it just me, or does Ryonosuke seem to have a touch of Meekins in him?

  16. Hope you at least do the first van zieks trial before you go back to turnabout big top.

  17. General Jimmies

    "It's clearly superior to a drawing…"

    (Rule 34 has entered the chat)

  18. The translation for this one is fantastic, Janet Hsu did a splendid job, but it might come off as a bit flower-y (which makes sense, admittedly), so prepare your chops and tongues to exercise some vocabulary.

  19. Daniel Dugovic

    1:03:33 "The court has now heard a Prij of the case."

  20. I'm pretty sure it was all a joke. But Auchi was just adjusting his .. uh.. haori? Idk what those are called.. in such a way that you guys called it a T-Pose lol. No no, it's fine. Just a nitpick from me.

    And if it wasn't so obvious already. Yes, he is Winston (SPOILERS and Gaspen) Payne's ancestor.

    His family name being Auchi sounded similar to Ouch. So bada bing Bada boom, Payne became the localized name in the series.

  21. Everyone simultaneously agrees that Asougi and Naruhodo were definitely on a date
    Edit: Also I agree with 59:06 that pose is indeed sexy

  22. General Jimmies

    Yo, the set up looks sick…and Japanese.

  23. You keep going over the top with these new intros, they're amazing!

  24. I'm confused, Fak is giving Ryunosuke a British accent, even though he is most literally Japanese

  25. CalveeThe FluffyEevee

    Rest in peace Watson- I-I mean, Wilson

  26. 1:03:33 I just wanted to make a timestamp to where Wes says precis/penis.

    Thank you for the funny moment, I'll move along.

  27. Future Skeleton

    Ryan O' Suke is Ryunnosuke's name in the 4Kids dub.

  28. Robert Wallen

    Every time hear Kazuma all I can think of is Konosuba with Aqua as as the attorney and crying to Kazuma to help with the case.

  29. Sketchman911

    This is going to be the most British playthrough ever.

  30. Amethyst Walker

    Super excited for a change of pace! I’ve been hearing how excited everyone is for this game, so thanks for playing it for all the people who can’t play it themselves 💖

  31. Iced Mocha Art

    This lay out looks so cool

  32. Hi, I've been watching your amusing AA recordings for months, its the best relax to an AA fan like me! Can I add Chinese subtitle to the recording clips and repost them on YouTube and bilibili to share with other fans? I'd definitely repost with credit and a link to the original video🥺

  33. Drak OrangeFire

    Zak, I appreciate your editing

  34. I would like to watch this but I'm also playing the game for the first time so I'll be passing on this one.

  35. Daniel Dugovic

    In Meiji-era Japan, is it OK to shoot someone with the intent just to hurt him?

  36. Skeptic Mantis

    47:30 Look at this photo print. Every time I look I have to squint. I need glasses to see what's there. I can't see straight unless I'm looking at Wes' hair.

  37. Tiny nitpick, but with regards to Mikotoba, Wes is saying the Mi-KOH-toba name correctly while Zak is saying Miko-TOU-ba incorrectly

  38. The layout is so pretty!

  39. It feel wired when the intro kicks in and the kanji in the background says "Happy new year, happy new spring" XD

  40. they basically had a date at a "western" restaurant before the murder

  41. 4:00 Steam and Half Life 2 came out at around the same time, so if Steam dates back to the Meiji era, that would mean we've been waiting a century for Half Life 3.

    This checks out.

  42. Noobguy Scrublord


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