New The Great Ace Attorney Graphics Comparison (Switch vs PS4)

How does The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles graphics on Nintendo Switch compare to the Playstation 4 version? Find out in our head-to-head comparison!
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Video by: Tris Valbuena
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold

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  1. itsobiwankenobi

    3:52 Watch closely Naruhodo's clothes change between consoles. You cannot unsee it now.

  2. Grady Parrott

    Can anyone actually check and post what the resolution is on each system? I know it's not the same company, but ever since finding out Square-Enix capped their Switch releases of Final Fantasy 7-9 at 720p despite being 1080p on other consoles, I've learned not to just assume it'll be the same because it's a port of an old game.

  3. Whoa… dude you forgot to put spoiler tag

  4. this kind of game you need translation comparison, graphics are low on priority.

  5. Jacob Eubank

    Switch is better

  6. clickbait video, this game has nothing to do with graphics. what are you guys doing over there at gameXplain, or should I said gameXLAME??? Get back to making good content please. We all know this is a waste of energy uploading.

  7. There's barely any differnece noticeable between these two versions. Maybe that the PS4 version has slightly better lighting. But it shows that the Switch and PS4 are pretty close to each other.

  8. Gameskyjumper

    Loadtime difference?

  9. They just put a line in the middle of the screen

  10. i can't tell a difference

  11. Emmanuel Guerrero Navarro

    Great, another innecesary comparison between Switch and PS4, and Switch always win because it's portable.

  12. PS4 is better

  13. Reaper World

    Switch definitely better than playstation

  14. The Great Unnecessary Comparison

  15. I don't get this. It's a 3DS virtual novel. It's not really possible to have it look much better on more powerful consoles besides a higher resolution, and the video maxes out at 1080p anyway, so there's not much point in showing that.
    I just don't understand why someone looked at this and thought it was in any way useful.

  16. I don’t think this video needed to be 11 minuets

  17. Slightly blurred textures on Switch. Got it.

  18. Man people are blind. If you can't see the difference then you should get your eyes checked. The PS version is clearer.

    Look I own the Switch and it's a great console but that doesn't blind me to the fact that PS versions always look a little better. Do they look like a PS1 against a PS3? Definitely not. Do they look a little better? Yes they do.

  19. Why is there a black line in the middle?

  20. S’all good, man

  21. The Pokeman 52

    Now compare with the 3DS!

  22. Seeing the judge talks with his lips split is friggin’ disturbing!🤣

  23. Andrew Helmy

    I don't like that permanently show the console logos in the top corner of each version. I'd give it to switch because at least the switch logo isn't obscuring vision of the buttons.

  24. It pisses me off how the two screens aren't in sync. Just a few clicks on Premiere Pro could do the trick.

  25. Combat Wombat

    What happened to the joy con drift video?

  26. I mean it's a 3DS game, why would it look any different when it's already an upscaled port of a handheld game on both?

  27. Daniela Tortora

    Wait, PS4!? Wasn't Ace Attorney a Nintendo exclusive series? Maybe I've miss something…

  28. Switch looks more fun

  29. Furby Master

    I wasn't aware this game was getting a PS4 release

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