New The Jones Act (With an Expert) | Part 3

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Here we go! Part 3 of this Jones Act explainer series. If you’re still here with me, thank you!

Voy a hacer un video resumiendo los 3 videos en español, así que mantente atento. Y si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un email a [email protected]

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– Colin gave three estimates of the cost of the Jones Act to Puerto Rico. The first estimate of $72 million was from John McCown, the former CEO of Jones Act carrier Trailer Bridge which operates oceangoing barges that serve Puerto Rico. That estimate is here (pg 17): The second estimate from two economists at the University of – Puerto Rico can be found here: The third estimate was from a report published by John Dunham and Associates here:

– The U.S. Maritime Administration claims the Jones Act is needed for national security: (“This encourages a strong U.S. Merchant Marine for both economic security and national defense by fostering a U.S.-flag fleet that can also be leveraged for U.S. interests during war or emergency.”)


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  1. I'm glad I came across this good conversation on the Jones Act. I live in Puerto Rico and I receive a fair number of questions about it but hadn't done a lot of digging on its details.

    It seems like there's some strong arguments for how the Act is not really that pro-American or that effective. If PR is looking to other countries for goods, those are goods they aren't buying from the US. If only one or two of the three prongs of ship "Americanism" are met, doesn't that still benefit American companies and workers?

    And finally, I don't understand the national security argument. We have ships from all over the world coming to the US every day. The only nuance here is that they can't go between US ports, only to a US port from their home country or I guess other countries.

    There are some groceries I pay as much as 100% more for, but others that are the same price. I'm not sure what informs the difference. Overall, most goods tend to be more expensive, lower quality, and fewer in options.

  2. Hello, found out about the Jones act today, U also found your channel. Today, I am a army vet 34 yr old retired. I am going back home to PR to live the rest of my days. Im.from Malpica Rio Grande, up in the mountains. I found the law cuz I was confused as to why we didn't farm out to us more often in my area and why everything was so expensive. I haven't been home since 2001, I grew up there from 1989 to 2001. As a Nergo latino American , who is also a veteran but always a soldier. You are correct we as a people need to combat this. I'm in US until end of this summer. Lmk how I may b of help and I will do if I can. Thank you for breaking it down barney style to me. Be blessed

  3. Just what we need, Chinese-owned, Chinese-built, Chinese-crewed barges plying the intracoastal waterways between US ports

  4. How do you compete with South Korea or China who subsidize their shipbuilding industries?

  5. Hi Sharilyn! Great Interview! I'm learning more about this Jones Act and how it's hurting the Island. Great ideas were given that we can use to eventually get this law modified in a way it stops hurting the Island. People believe that it is imposible to Export/Import foreign good, but I learned that it's possible if we create a national corporation to produce goods and this way be able to exchange. But the problem in PR is that we are an Island that only consumes and buys everything from US. If we don't produce, we can't do International business. The current Goverment has created an Economy that only Consumes and doesn't Produce and does nothing to change it! Independant Candidate, Eliezer Molina, for Governor, is trying to educate Puertorricans that there is a way around the Jones Act, if we produce we can do international business and increase our National Gross Product, which will be beneficial for the Island. But people here in PR are very Stubborn and not seeing the potential we have to revert a Consuming Economy to A Production Economy🙏

  6. Thank you and Mr. Grabow? for his time. Could you maybe add links to reports or info. one could read and better help the people of PR in this matter? Gracias!!