New The New Mortgage Stress Test & the Calgary Housing Market for June 2021 | Real Estate Market Update

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How will the new mortgage stress test rules affect the Calgary Housing Market? What are the most significant changes, and how was the Calgary Real Estate Market for June 2021?

Today, the LiveInnerCity real estate team brings you the latest news on the latest Canada mortgage stress test changes.

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This news stems from the changes that took into effect on June 1st and affects all borrowers. Whether you are looking for Calgary homes for sale, Calgary investment properties, or any type of Calgary real estate, the information that Felix Chan shares will be helpful with your real estate journey.

It’s important to keep up to date with the changes in the regulations of Canadian mortgage as it can directly affect your mortgage and your purchasing power. For tips on increasing the amount you can borrow, Felix Chan provides all that you can do in the video above.

For additional and essential mortgage tips on increasing the amount you can borrow and what strategies you can employ towards these changes, Felix Chan can help you in that area by tuning in to the video above. You can also contact the team

Now, on to the latest Calgary Real Estate Market News. Once again, here at LiveInnerCity, we are committed to delivering relevant and vital data to you as a homebuyer. These data contribute to the team’s overall analysis of the current real estate market in Calgary. These data include the latest housing market statistics and market trends.

In May 2021, the Calgary Real Estate News was still breaking records.
With nearly 3,000 homes sold, which is still a new record, the latest Calgary home price attracts home sellers in Calgary.

Furthermore, in the Calgary real estate market report, the luxury real estate market continues to surprise in May 2021, earning exciting sales activity.

LiveInnerCity has been getting all sorts of questions regarding the Calgary condo market, so Felix Chan, a Certified Downtown Condominium Specialist, brings a special segment for Calgary condo owners and those wanting to own a Calgary condo.

The Calgary Real Estate Market update wraps up with its advice for buyers, sellers, and investors in the Calgary housing market. As an expert, Felix Chan draws in the current real estate report. He then gives his own honest analysis of what you can expect in the market and specific advice to help you succeed in the Calgary real estate market or the Calgary rental market.

To gain inside information on the real estate market and other home buying or home selling tips, click this link 👉

This is LiveInnerCity’s Housing Market for Calgary in June 2021 update and how the new Mortgage Stress affects the real estate market!

00:00 – The New Mortgage Stress Test Rules
01:43 – New Mortgage Stress Test Analysis by Felix Chan
02:43 – Calgary Real Estate Market Update – Sales Picture
03:26 – Calgary Real Estate Market Update – Inventory Picture
04:03 – Calgary Real Estate Market Update – Pricing Picture
04:57 – Months of Supply in Calgary
05:39 – Advice for Buyers in the Calgary Real Estate Market
06:33 – Advice for Sellers in the Calgary Real Estate Market
07:51 – The Condo Market in Calgary
08:14 – Advice for Investors


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