New The Point: Liu Xin interviews experienced attorney in Xinjiang

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Mijit Litip is one of the most experienced attorneys defending terrorist cases in Xinjiang. He shared his opinions and feelings about dealing with hundreds of terrorist cases and what role attorneys from ethnic minority groups can play in preventing extreme results from gaining momentum.

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  1. Support Xinjiang Support China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

  2. Repeat- Now Australia and Japan in cahoots to spread lies about mistreatment of the Uyghur by China. Just had their meeting to spread lies about China.

  3. A comprehensive and educational interview which gives great insight into the realities of life in Xinjiang and in the process destroying the tons of lies, rumours, myths and untruths etc built up over many years by Westerners and opponents who do not wish to see the modernisation of this relatively unknown part of China. A great tribute to the CCP and many thanks to Liu Xin & CGTN for bringing this to us.

  4. this is infiltration of extremism is the result of foreign intervention program. most islamic extremism has been sowed by underground group. these underground groups were funded by western intel in collaboration with groups who pretend to be muslims and integrate these mind poison into the islamic mainstream religion. one classic example today is the ISIS. this group has been trained and organized by western influences and not by the original islamic teachings.

  5. Usa nonstop to smears others in order to achieve its own conspiracy👎 the other losers have to follow👎 shame on them

  6. Good Episode. Yes, "Rule of Law" in many cases means 'uniformity in process according to published regulations'. Without Local Officials abiding by standardized regulations, well, across China there might be thousands of ways that the same thing is being done. We can see how that could lead to corruption as Local Officials would assume that everything passing through their Office might require a kind of a "License Fee", which would only be ethically understandable if that were part of the regulated process. Yes, when I was in the Army I was made a clerk and put in charge of the Division's Filing System, and they gave me an Army Field Manual that was as fat as the Bible on how the Files should be set up and maintained. Oh, how I wish I could just have set it up to work for me, but I saw the point of the uniform standardized system, where ANY Clerk in the Army could be able to walk into my Filing Room and find anything he was looking for in just minutes. SO, it was a lot of work in LEARNING the System, but then that effort was returned to me in dividends of Ease of Use in terms of quickly accessing files. SO, while Local Officials may at first complain about how they lose Personal Freedom of Latitude in Rule of Law, well, China as a whole will gain in terms of Ease of Process as any procedure they need to accomplish will be covered by an easy to access Check List: do this this and that and hit it with the Rubber Stamp. Life is Easy.

  7. Uyghur genocide is Western propaganda. Forced sterilisation is what happened at Traitor Trump's wall.

    Wang Yi travels the world arranging cooperation and collaboration. Pompeo spread hate. When was America great?

    How many bombs has the US dropped on Muslim countries? China has never bombed any Muslim country.

    The US was asked to send a media team to Xinjiang to see training facilities but so far the US has sent no one.

  8. one thing that's on my mind is that if people's general material conditions are significantly improved violence will tend to just subside, people can only educate themselves if they first have enough things like food and cleaning drinking water, and a safe place to live

    leftist, politically, the economic consideration is always fundamental to group considerations

  9. There are 100s and 100s and 100s of Xinjiang detention facilities clearly visible on GoogleEarth.
    I posted 8000 timelapsed satellite images taken over Xinjiang detention facilities from 2002 to 2020, here.
    And, no, GoogleEarth haven't been painting in fake guard-towers on 1000s of images of 100s of Xinjiang locations for the last 2 decades.
    I also posted a short addendum showing the incredible CCP rebuttal to overwhelming satellite evidence of mass incarceration.

    latitude,longitude 纬度 经度
    36.801,81.832 36.835,81.759 36.836,81.756 36.966,80.813 36.973,80.840 37.018,79.802 37.022,82.684 37.022,82.687 37.036,80.260 37.056,80.219 37.072,79.901 37.078,80.189 37.104,80.180 37.110,79.639 37.164,79.865 37.164,79.867 37.186,79.926 37.218,79.298 37.233,79.323 37.234,79.314 37.236,79.837 37.240,79.850 37.242,79.860 37.250,79.848 37.251,79.853 37.277,79.746 37.568,78.242 37.582,78.285 37.780,75.228 37.912,77.351 37.913,77.349 37.917,77.352 38.078,77.217 38.080,77.215 38.101,85.579 38.105,85.576 38.144,85.521 38.145,85.523 38.236,77.097 38.317,77.210 38.352,77.306 38.356,77.264 38.363,77.121 38.363,77.226 38.412,77.145 38.412,77.148 38.837,77.706 38.837,77.709 38.937,76.056 38.937,76.171 38.938,76.059 38.961,76.157 38.968,77.433 38.989,88.177 38.995,77.445 39.115,75.926 39.117,75.924 39.142,75.944 39.217,76.846 39.247,76.015 39.249,76.007 39.260,76.002 39.356,76.054 39.358,76.052 39.359,75.864 39.360,75.865 39.360,76.050 39.368,76.011 39.396,75.960 39.408,76.097 39.430,76.056 39.438,76.740 39.451,76.111 39.472,75.699 39.538,76.714 39.538,76.716 39.640,75.993 39.642,75.987 39.642,75.995 39.669,76.091 39.676,76.082 39.690,78.044 39.698,76.142 39.710,75.185 39.718,78.068 39.733,75.994 39.741,78.012 39.795,79.078 39.812,78.556 39.819,78.518 39.851,79.023 39.854,79.023 39.876,78.660 39.876,79.126 39.912,79.024 39.936,79.382 40.493,79.072 40.499,81.245 40.524,79.022 40.565,81.236 40.641,81.502 40.933,78.443 41.005,82.884 41.009,80.423 41.080,80.396 41.082,80.407 41.085,80.400 41.124,80.172 41.184,79.269 41.191,80.273 41.208,79.203 41.210,79.202 41.232,82.831 41.234,82.835 41.267,80.247 41.282,79.328 41.345,80.241 41.346,80.240 41.357,86.246 41.382,80.684 41.561,82.602 41.703,86.283 41.709,86.279 41.711,86.285 41.716,86.284 41.720,86.291 41.731,83.008 41.751,83.020 41.754,83.019 41.771,81.821 41.771,81.824 41.772,81.824 41.776,84.255 41.796,85.893 41.808,84.295 41.882,85.595 41.885,85.589 41.887,85.598 41.889,85.590 41.933,86.409 41.976,86.610 41.981,86.625 42.049,86.548 42.058,86.553 42.311,86.314 42.312,86.310 42.335,86.339 42.779,93.800 42.808,88.696 42.856,93.422 42.856,93.480 42.863,93.517 42.881,90.132 42.918,93.414 42.950,89.240 42.955,89.243 42.971,90.388 42.982,89.167 43.150,81.109 43.152,88.855 43.180,81.134 43.199,81.827 43.231,94.662 43.379,88.273 43.384,88.290 43.439,82.746 43.460,83.276 43.463,83.280 43.517,82.209 43.600,92.959 43.622,87.584 43.748,87.442 43.748,87.646 43.797,87.560 43.807,81.156 43.807,87.296 43.812,90.281 43.816,81.156 43.816,82.515 43.819,90.283 43.820,90.283 43.822,87.693 43.826,87.630 43.884,87.393 43.890,87.580 43.896,81.314 43.897,87.577 43.898,87.579 43.903,81.388 43.903,81.389 43.922,81.341 43.925,87.584 43.927,87.589 43.931,87.590 43.936,87.583 43.940,81.342 43.940,87.574 43.941,87.579 43.961,87.395 43.963,81.311 43.963,87.782 43.973,81.002 43.978,81.138 43.981,81.536 43.986,89.142 44.001,81.531 44.001,89.219 44.008,89.487 44.046,80.910 44.059,80.850 44.063,80.881 44.079,87.399 44.099,87.003 44.101,86.994 44.103,86.996 44.164,87.953 44.176,87.199 44.196,87.875 44.196,87.880 44.207,86.894 44.236,85.969 44.244,85.959 44.312,87.439 44.320,87.433 44.329,86.160 44.332,84.822 44.346,85.629 44.346,85.631 44.347,85.640 44.374,84.763 44.374,84.766 44.412,85.069 44.430,84.736 44.449,84.726 44.451,84.965 44.545,82.916 44.820,82.199 44.854,82.345 44.888,81.962 44.893,81.966 44.962,81.033 45.530,84.802 45.534,84.797 45.699,85.154 45.699,85.156 45.920,83.603 46.157,83.026 46.639,83.616 46.676,90.293 46.676,90.295 46.718,82.955 46.792,85.706 46.793,85.706 46.796,83.072 46.894,87.841 46.998,89.498 47.000,89.500 47.101,87.551 47.109,87.551 47.328,87.787 47.329,87.786 47.356,87.822 47.437,85.860 47.695,86.868 47.710,86.859 47.734,88.055

  10. Bullies use many tactics:1). Youths are very sensitive and suicidal to join gangs into crime drug sex circle 2). Advertise Royals to Heroism into ivy elites promotion to sell their goods to isolate their enemies. Often, the other envy to jealousy turn into big strom. They are proud to be wealthy groups and surrounds as fantasyland in traditional farming groups of 1000 plus years old islamic bi- racial area. Always wars had been erupted around clean girls and lands by dirty insecure ones. Now cell phones separate those from old groups and schools. Internets should be for educations for youths.

  11. The vast majority of people sent to re-education camps are simply very religious people without any radical or separatist thoughts or agenda. Yet their religiosity is characterized as radical extremist thoughts as per Chinese communist dogma and ideology. It is as simple as that and all Muslims all over the world know and understand this very well. Your propaganda will not work except for the Islamophobes in the West perhaps 🙂

  12. “Da Jia Hao”💖God Bless China🧡 Is doing an Excellent ❤️Super Great Jobs👏👏👏💖Liu Xin💖Thank You!👏👏👏Love💖Chinese people the Culture's💖its China Dream💓Safest, Peaceful, Best & Most Advanced Tech Country in World today's👏👏

  13. Liu Xin is back. Hurray.
    Thank you Cgtn for this wonderful video ❤️

  14. Xinjiang is sovereign land of China since time immemorial…..🇨🇳💪🇨🇳


  15. Education and economy are the keys to bring this region to modernization. They are just one generation away from this objective, yes, ten more years of collective efforts will pave the foundation.

  16. One of my Uyghur friends tells the same story-with a few more instructional additions.
    The FIRST is that Westerners need to understand the Uyghur and other Chinese Islamic sects, tend to be much more moderate than Islam practiced in neighboring countries. Just as in other parts of the Middle East where Wahabiests and other very conservative, even extremist Muslims can not tolerate things like women not wearing veils, alcohol and pork consumption and even Women Imams; these conservative and extremists were/ARE determined to radicalize their more moderate brothers and sisters. Things that made this radicalization and growth of terrorism included China’s porous borders back then, (there were reasons for the porous borders, mainly the fact that many of these people were nomadic herders and farmers), the abject poverty that once permeated this region, and lack of infrastructure and connection to the rest of China. The past 15 years have seen all of these situations change for the better. Extreme poverty has basically been eliminated, borders have been tightened up, and both the Govt and private business have improved infrastructure, educational and business opportunities, rebuilt areas destroyed by terrorism; Xinjiang is un-recognizable to what it was even 20 years ago.
    Unfortunately, Islamic extremists have not given up, instead, targeting Xinjiang as the next supposed Islamic caliphate. Even more horrifying for someone like myself that knows the TRUTH is that these TERRORISTS, having inexplicably been removed from the US list of terrorist organizations; now believe they have full support of my country to try and radicalize and terrorize my Uyghur and Han friends in Xinjiang. All because, in my country’s arrogance, the military industrial complex feels destabilizing China in ANY way, is apparently worth the gamble of once again hopping into bed with these monsters.
    I just hope we can wake up enough people to stop this insanity before it gets any worse.

  17. Wow, this is such wonderful material: maximum justice. It's such a shame it will be denounced by so many. Even terrorists have rights that are protected. 👍🏼

  18. This is an extremely candid and constructive interview.

    Contrary to Western propaganda, Mr. Lijit Litip’s comprehensive and in-depth explanation has shed light on the fact that the rule of law is very much alive in China even when dealing with terrorism.