In which we ask “what’s the deal?” with 25 governors, Joe Manchin, Bill Barr and Merrick Garland.



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  1. Helen i have to ask? DO YOU PLAY THAT harp behind you? It keeps singing to me?

  2. Laura Iverson

    Oh my gosh! I realized the same thing about our governor yesterday (Oregon). They're all pushing to open up way before it's safe to "normalize" based on economic motives. Short sighted though. We will clearly go the way of the UK if we open up on the current parameters with the delta variant. And it's just as callous as what the last administration did. They're just saying "let the virus wash over them" in a different way. But the end result is the same.

  3. I looked up his birth chart and was first given info that said he had the same birthday as 45, but I dug deeper and discovered he is born on November 13, 1952—so he’s a Scorpio === secret agenda-and what is it. You and your clarifies——trust your gut

  4. Karen Johnson

    Love, love the idea that Barr will be held accountable.

  5. There’s that male Gemini factor again! BARR—————-Adam Schiff is boiling——-and Adam is so even in his delivery of everything it is very hard to tell when that occurs. In his interview with Rachel Maddie you could hear it in his voice and see the flush rise in his cheeks the more he spoke. BARR AND 45 SAILING OFF TOGETHER

  6. On Merrick Garland: I think we all assume that the GOP have been blackmailed, bribed, and their lives and the lives of their families have been threatened. How come nobody ever considers that the same is happening to Democrats?

  7. Good Morning Irish! Here’s a digression—-Rep-Newman has been expelled by a 59-1 vote for opening the door and letting insurrectionists in. Neil Katyal tweeted film this morning of him doing just that and it is known that several days before this happened he texted -just let me know when you get here and I’ll come down and let you in. And also Steve Schmidt had a great rant on Twitter also.

  8. The national minimum wage is not a livable wage if it’s not $20.00/hr. I would know. Manchin’s wealth is reportedly $40 mill. Barr too.

  9. Tracy Walker

    I could listen to you for hours. I love the way you tell a story with all the facts and stay calm. Love it 💕💕💕🙏🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺

  10. Isn’t Manchin up the behind of the NRA ?

  11. Stacey La Piedra

    I always learn so much from you, I love all of your videos. Loved all the videos on the books you read, thank you for all you do ❤

  12. I hope this covers Merrick Garland and what’s up with him appearing, so far anyway, not to be doing his job.

  13. Earl Heflinger

    Why, when the subject of justice for wrongdoers comes up, do we feel compelled to make clear that we don’t wish harm or revenge on anyone? Justice and accountability are about correcting and intervening in patterns of behavior leading in the wrong direction, so that it doesn’t become a trend and is discouraged in the future. When we train a dog, or discipline our own offspring, we aren’t suspected of being vengeful. Justice and accountability are about protecting our social welfare.

  14. He should sit down and remove the remaining Trumpsters out of the DOJ first….

  15. i live in Alabama they stopping UI June 19th the unemployment rate is only 3.6% something is wrong with this picture they said that 11,000 people are receiving the enhanced IU. Don't know if this is legal but lets just give these people that losing their UI directly from the USDOL just they did the ACA lets let the GQP lose their minds

  16. Manchin is being funded by the Chamber of Commerce and Koch. I heard tonite that Koch's Prosperity org. is putting on further pressure. I also heard that Koch called Mitch directly and told him to make voter suppression a priority (paraphasing).

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