New This 30 Year Old Couple Paid Off Their 30 Year Mortgage in Just 6 1/2 Years!!!

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Sign up for our FREE CLASSES and experience the technology and education Michael and Beth Rosenblum used to Pay Off Their 30 Year Mortgage In Just 6 1/2 Years! Without Refinancing, Without Changing Their Payments, and With No Increase To Their Monthly Budget!!

Michael, a Real Estate Agent, and Beth, a Teacher, Are Using A Proven Technology That Is The Most Powerful Money Management, Wealth Building, And Debt Elimination System Ever Created!!!

With the PILL Method You Tooโ€ฆ Can Live And Enhanced Lifestyle, Grow A Large Emergency Fund, Cut Your Interest Costs By 75% And Eliminate All Your Debt, Including Your Mortgage And Student Loans, In An Average Of 8 To 12 Years By Optimizing Your CURRENT Budget!

The PILL Method is EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY! Here is the technology!!
Office 256.886.1867 [email protected]


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  1. Dante Everheart

    Instead of teaching this in public schools they trying to make critical race theory a requirement instead ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ thats how backwards this corrupt education system is today.

  2. Banks HATE him because of this one weird trick

  3. Natasha Walker Jones

    Deep. Sacrifice is everything. Delayed gratification.

  4. 200K mortgage is nice. The monthly payment on 25yr term is 1100$ month
    If they paid 1500 each = 3K per month x 10 monrhs= 30K per year 36K per year x 5 years roughly 200K. It's doable in 6 years with interest.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Donna Allgaier-Lamberti

    How important is it to put extra money onto the principal every month? Is that worth it?

  7. People. bottom line, pay more ahead, stop excess spending, and get a plan b income, ( I have) Discipline! Self control. And if you do not have it ..get the pill book.

  8. Nathaniel Walters

    The sad thing they still will never own the house due to the property taxes they still will have to pay.

  9. New Lawn Ottawa

    Dave Ramsey would be proud!

  10. faustina bastiรจn

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  11. Iโ€™m a high school drop out
    I paid cash for my house

  12. Me and my wife just finished paying our 200k mortgage and weโ€™re 29 and 30, 6.5 years exactly, no program needed just just a change in mentality and understanding your paying interest on every penny that does not goo towards your debt. It can be done once you make it a thing to get done.

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  14. ZFlyingVLover

    There's NO WAY to payoff a loan for X for less than X!!!! So they're saying they paid a $200k loan in 6.5 years? ok so they paid at least $200k/6.5 + some interest. Thats roughly $31k per year. So they paid $31k per year? $2,564 per month? Can you afford that? Then you can do it. Otherwise there is no 'magic' trick. You borrow X then you have to pay back at least X

  15. olamide dawodu

    My gratitude goes to Shawn gray for getting my credit score up to 840 after clearing all my credit card debts contact him on via text +1 (424) 281-4920 or on WhatsApp +1 (619) 387-7180 his SERVICES ARE FREE NO UPFRONT REQUIRED TO BEGIN he also clears negative bank account statements and loads money into bank accounts donโ€™t miss this opportunity he changed my life in a positive way

  16. WHy are you not telling us what you did? So give money to another country for free but millions here are stuck in homes that the bank robs us of each month. Wow. when do we learn that charity starts at home.

  17. Steve Vargas

    There is an in-depth explanation here for the nay sayers. for the rest of us – this is suppressed info that no corporation wants you to know. Compound interest was devised to f for fleece you and your family out of your hard earned cash.

  18. So not buying a cup of coffee a day paid off a mortgage in 6.5 years. Yeah…right….whatever

  19. TheLife IWant

    What was the cost of the mortgage….$5000.00

  20. Nathaniel Carreon

    Paid off mine in 10 years in Los Angeles but bought it 25 years ago.

  21. mrlinkinboy123

    We will teach you but pay for our course ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ…

  22. Marian Wheeler

    Selfish not explaining how? except payment more to the principal and that was it. Shame, shame.

  23. Great waste of time-

  24. I need to know how you did it not that you did it! This is turn off.

  25. great white shark

    Has anyone tried it ? Please comment n let us know exactly what this program is or is it give them money to tell you to pay extra each month toward pinciple .

  26. miguel cordero

    Waste of time

  27. They're 30 years old, but, looks 45.

  28. Another damn seller … trying to sell product which is not required at all.
    Simply pay extra principla payment with your monthly payments. It's a simple math and not a rocket science. You don't have to buy any product. You can find amortization calculator on any bank site and see the impact of additional principal payments

  29. HELOC

  30. Yes this can be done.

    Say your mortgage payment is $1,000 a month. Now pay $3,500 a month and you will have your mortgage paid off in six and a half years.

    All you need to do is to buy a home that costs 30% of what you can afford to pay for a house. So instead of the nise sized house in a middle class safe neighborhood you buy a tiny house in the crime infested ghetto.

    So can you do it? Yes of course you can.
    Now will someone actually be willing to do it? Very unlikely.

  31. Normal Guy Super Bike

    Iโ€™m sure the fact your family owns a real estate company has nothing to do with paying off your mortgage early… Iโ€™m away to buy a ยฃ35 cup of coffee and pour it over my own head as a reminder to never watch this video again

  32. how could I apply this to dental work?

  33. It also helps to have a wife who is on a same page as you and doesn't work against you and your goals.

  34. Banks are ripping people off..

    Mortgage Loans Credit Cards.

    Its a Set Up.. Its hard to live like that plus people have other unexpected bills it's hard it's possible but need a Team..

  35. MoneyManFernando

    So is this video just advertising or do they actually tell you how to do it ?????? What is the PILL Method ???? Title misleading.

  36. Whats funny is these people are jewish

  37. Can I do it also in new Jersey.
    Planning to buy a house.

  38. โ€ขfaizรคhโ€ขmaireโ€ขvlogersโ€ข

    Everyone is trying to make money from the home owners

  39. joshuatree28

    This is a terrible and boring informercial. The only way to pay it off early is to PAY it. Sheesh

  40. I need $2500 to close my personal loan which I cannot afford.

  41. Want to drive people AWAY from your YouTube channel? Talk around a process for paying off a mortgage (for an unknown amount), and NEVER explain it!!

  42. I Should Know This

    So inspiring, thank you so much for sharing! My family has paid off $28k in 18 months IT IS POSSIBLE TO WIN!!!

  43. They'll teach you something you can read in a $15 book.

  44. magicbbman32

    This is just a long drawn out commercial for the above mentioned company. Not a how to video!!

  45. james hammond

    I think he just nailed it. It takes discipline, patience and being resourceful. Congrats to them both.

  46. Dr. Patrick M. Fraser MD

    You need to talk about the how and i think that is what people are looking for. Please show the numbers . thank you.

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