New This Fake Guru Needs to be Stopped ("Crypto Queen")

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Analyzing the new crypto queen, who claims that you can double your income every month and make ridiculous gains day trading crypto (with low risk).

Google Drive full of info on her BS:
Google Drive with Bad Review Compilation:
Fake testimonial:
Real review of her products:
Another real review of Anna:

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Among her other claims is that she can guarantee 12% returns in passive income, that she can show you 18% returns on low risk, and that you can compound $1,000 into $1 million in a short amount of time.

This is Anna Macko, someone who you’ve probably seen in your YouTube ads. She has a couple of crypto courses on how to trade Bitcoin and other alt coins, which she’ll show you how to compound your money in a matter of months.



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  1. Authorities should stop this people, it’s outrageous really how YouTube, Instagram keep accepting money from this people to advertise their scams

  2. Investing in bitcoin is the wisest investment someone can do right now.

  3. Were you born yesterday?
    Did you breathe today?
    Are you alive right now?

    If so you can sign up for my course to get you rich before tomorrow.

  4. What’s wrong with saying shorting on the way down with leverage ? That’s legit what most whales do

  5. hi sir I just want to ask if there are some true channel that are won't scam in youtube in regarding on investing on cryptos and earning money online??

  6. "A sucker born every minute but remember, a sheep is born every second!"…… She is a straight con!!!!!

  7. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, Life was hard for me until I started trading bitcoin and am now earning $18,435 per week

  8. Dear spencer, please could you do a video on the you tube ad spammer. Timsykes millionaire, mentor and trader who is there with 10000 dollars telling me why I don’t need 10000 dollars to make money. 🤦🏻‍♂️ and this other dude called onyxmoneylive. Anyone else getting spammed by these ads..?🤦🏻‍♂️


  10. She probably needs the money to buy whatever drugs she's on that make her think/talk/write the way she does and then convince herself that what she's doing is okay. Boy, America is in a sad state.

  11. I'll offer this: People, smarten up and stay away from "Crypto", period! The U S Dollar(value)will ebb & flow(it always has)but will remain the standard. Short term gains on Crypto for those who play fast…likely; Long-term…good luck, folks. Caveat Emptor! It won't matter who's pushing it.

  12. This Bih said investing in money. Fr does she have some kinda condition of an air head cus im sure many can see a screws loose

  13. The FTC should be paying Spencer a finder’s fee for doing their damn jobs for them! And yes, this woman is a crook.

  14. Is became disgusting… YouTube is full of these scammers…. so ridiculous

  15. I do not believe that this woman can possibly be a real scammer. Anyone who presents themselves this brazenly inarticulate has to be a performance artist who specializes in parodying scammers.

  16. Damnnn the crash is going to be bad, "normies" investing this much is always a bad sign.. Make sure you got 1 year worth of expenses stashed up. If not, start stacking. I live in a country where we can make the money printer go brrrrr.. and I have heard a storiy of a guy going from paying $3000/month on rent to a single room where they pay about $30. And this guy is a doctor. Everyone where I live knows about him. but it's not the only case. I'm not saying the same will happen where you live, but the quickest way to tell the health of the global economy is to look if the fringe economies are doing well or not. They will contract first, much like the small rivers dry up first during a drought. I'm not all gloom and doom, just make sure you have cash stashed or start stacking. At least one year's expense