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  2. how much does it cost to join your private group where you give your trade alerts?
    u r awesome, my favorite "influencer"

  3. This segment here … 25:07 … needs to be cut out and made into it's own video. Until about ten minutes after that. I remember when I first got into leveraging, that was a light-bulb-turning-on-moment for me; paying attention to the risk ratio. Makes leveraging, along with keeping the multiplier low (<5x), a lot less stressful. When I get my BA in Crypto Leveraging, I will start dabbling in the 10x, but I have 3.5 years to go.

  4. I invested in both stock and crypto  but currently I believe crypto is doing more better

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  6. How much do you need market cipher to trade? I'm in the fence about it honestly?

  7. I live in NY what exchanges and. Crypto platforms can I use? Seems like nothing works.

  8. Crypto trading is a lucrative investment that will benefit in the long run.

  9. After been recommended to Mac_hack on telegram…..

    Can’t say anything than to say thank you for everything u have done and I know that a full i of you have funded adore your I recommend him he is the best

  10. I just wanna point out how ignorant you sound when you say twenty twoth. It's actually twenty teeth 🙂