New To Be A Crypto Day Trader

This video will serve as the intro to my channel and a simple guide/platform for aspiring day traders.

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!


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  1. Awesome, just bumped into your channel and glad i did. Great content.

  2. Great advice 100% best on crypto

  3. Maciej Sulowski

    Are you able to make a living from trading? How long did it took you?

  4. Marius Stefan

    I am also a Market Profile fan, but I trade forex, and I noticed there is a huge difference in Crypto and Forex MP strategies, question is : how can you use your strategies on trading forex, what setting you advice in MP to adapt the charts

  5. Casey Hurlburt

    I'm new to your videos but you are actually making me feel like I can learn to do this! Watched all the ones you suggested here several times each lol. I use Kraken. Bought into bitcoin a few months ago and cashed out today with 900% gains… holding onto my other cryptos but I want to experiment with day trading. I was going to buy in today at one point, but it seemed like 50% of my potential gains would be going to fees… How much money do I need to be trading with in order for it to make sense financially?

  6. Oscar Galindo

    you are by FAR the best youtuber on crypto, keep up the good work. Do you have a telegram channel by any chance?

  7. Do you have any good strategies how to cut losses? I think it is important topic. Maybe you can do video about that.

  8. I'm loving your videos so far! I have a suggestion if you would like to consider it. I've been trying to identify candlestick patterns using the candlestick cheat sheet you suggested but it seems really difficult to recognise them. How about making a few videos taking each or some individually and show examples? Also, it almost never works by just identifying the type of candlesticks but there are a lot of factors like market memory, order volume etc. It would be cool if you could create a list of things to consider when looking at some situations before deciding when to buy and sell. Finally, since I live in Europe I am using CEX.IO platform but unfortunately cryptowatch doesn't have data for Ethereum. Is there any other trading platform you would suggest using for Euro? Would you suggest trading in USD if I am European or the exchange costs would make most of the small profits pointless? Thanks again for the great videos and looking forward to your next ones!

  9. I made a $1.09 on a $140 trade yesterday selling in 45 minutes. I didn't read the chart wrong it's just completely unpredictable sometimes and I got out without a loss.

  10. Richard Brus

    Great channel and appreciate all the vids on scalping etc, they're really good! Would love it if you could share your opinion or make a video on ichimoku cloud indicator strategies for short trades like 1min 3min 10min etc. Awesome Channel!

  11. I was wondering did you think about making live videos while trading??😊😊

  12. Great video as always. You're one of the few channels that concentrate on analysis in crypto rather than hyping up this or that coin. Can I ask if you make a living through trading or just use it to supplement your income? Do you wholly concentrate on day trading or have any short term investments?

  13. Vlad Tomescu

    Great video as always. I cannot stress enough the focus part this video mentions! Don't ever push yourself. In the first few weeks I made a profit of 25% of my stack, then got greedy, didn't sleep for 2 nights chasing profits and surprise, I lost all my previous gains + another something in just a few traders. If you are tired, quit! Your logic will be clouded and your emotions take in.

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