New Tom Lee at Istanbul Summit: Crypto market prospects in 2019

Thomas Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, was one of the keynote speakers at the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit. His speech, devoted to the revolution of the finance system, covered three main topics:

The crypto market in 2019
crypto utility
crypto as an asset class

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  1. BlackMagic553

    2019 sucked

  2. Best Comment on this video – "Every time Bitcoin is above the 200 day MA, the average 6 month gain is 190%."
    Watch all moving averages

  3. Mister Vacation

    I once worked for District Attorney Thomas Lee Woolwine in LA. and let me tell you, that guy was on the take. Thats all I can tell you as I fear for my life.

  4. Anyone found the slides for this presentation? Would be awesome if anyone could share these 🙂

  5. Eugene Hausenfus

    we need the ppt presentation.

  6. Johnnytturbo

    XRP and DOGE have yet to pop, but Tom is bang on with his analysis (timing is very tough).

  7. Hopefully they fired the camera man.

  8. sanjay reddy

    well presented.

  9. Do not forget bankera, DASH, NEM and Cardano please

  10. I just watch this video and bought even more Bitcoin that I already own

  11. Crypto Cliff notes

    Thought it was the crypto Oscars with all that audience air time.

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