New Toobin to Attorney General: Don't prosecute Donald Trump

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and Norm Eisen debate how Attorney General Merrick Garland should handle former President Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

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  1. Thomas Perri

    Trump was calling the election a "fraud" before a single vote was cast! It was orchestrated to wreck the legitimate system we've had in this country and to move it toward a dictatorship with a incompetent, uninterested, lazy, jackass at the helm. so he could spend the rest of his life pretending to be leader while he spends most of his days cheating at golf.

  2. R Gerald Alexander

    Is that a vagina caught in Donnie's necktie in the thumbnail?

  3. What’s wrong with Tobin?

  4. Pierre Bibeau

    LET'S DRAIN THE SWAMP AND LOCK UP TRUMP FOR A LONG TIME. It is his turn after all the people he wanted lock-up.

  5. Pierre Bibeau

    Meaning: Prosecute Donald Trump. Enough is enough. JUST DO IT! Toobin has been instructed to tell that as an accomplice of Trump. As simple as that.

  6. What about items found in the mueller report that he never prosecuted because of the foolishness of you can’t prosecute a sitting president. Toobin has lost it

  7. Tyrump could use the same defense as a profoundly retarded individual would have used by the lawyers defending them.

  8. The leader of the insurrection is still free. Mindboggling!

  9. Maurine Doyle

    Jeffrey Tobin drank the koolaide

  10. James Schafferius

    Toobin is like a flat earther. He would argue that black is white.

  11. Richard Taylor

    The only reason I can see not to go after Trump is political and thats not enough.

  12. Richard Taylor

    Ive always appreciated Toobins opinion but–Whatchutalkinabout Willis?

  13. David John Dupee

    You have nothing , on Trump . Never have and never will . You are traitors there at cnn , they’ll get you soon enough .

  14. Eddie Orama Del Pilar

    Jeff reminds me of Graham

  15. Stephen Leighton

    We are going to have to run up country once more .

  16. Phoenix Rising

    What The Hell?????!!!!!

  17. Nicholas Jones

    Jeffery Toobin is such a turd, how can you say there is no evidence before an investigation is started. The whole point of an investigation is to collect evidence and all you need to start an investigation is a predicate. He knows that. Seeking attention. Jeffery Toobin go and hide!!!

  18. Nicholas Jones

    Toobin could shut up. Why was he allowed back on TV. He is just trying to be noticed and make up for his past indiscretions.

  19. Jerk off Jeffrey!!!

  20. Toobin is compromised, perhaps? Toobin is ignoring facts, circumstantial evidences and conventional wisdom for saving Trump the Terrible. Trump has totally destroyed the USA in every aspect. Trump is pure evil. Trump the American Bin Laden has caused more damages, destructions and havoc to and in the USA than the original real McCoy Osama bin Laden. Geoffrey Toobin is standing on the thin ice of false prooriety. Toobin is talking poppycock.

  21. Private phone calls are public according to Toobin.


  23. Karen Rowland

    Obviously Toobin should have not come back, go home and pleasure yourself apparently that is your forte.

  24. gordon besancon


  25. gordon besancon


  26. Toobin is basing his defense on people hate toward Trump, period.

  27. Edward London

    Toobin should go back to playing with himself and stay off CNN

  28. Tax fraud is a crime! And Trump did it!

  29. Everyone knows that Trump is a liar but people still have a doubt that somehow he tell the truth! Wake up everyone before it too late.

  30. Bernadette Leonard

    Omg Toobin🙄 his reasoning is quacky asf🙄

  31. Bernadette Leonard

    So, Toobin is gonna act like we haven’t heard the tape. The former president knew what he was doing!

  32. Makaveli Outlaw

    How is the phone call to Kemp about 11 thousand, seven hundred n 80……. …(what's the word? Oh c'mon. Oh ya)…votes which is 1 more than we have, not attempting election interference with a public official or at least corruption. That's illegal, right. Toobin, u wrong.

  33. ✝️ just saying

    I love how President Trump still lives in the tiny little minds of the Demi dummy's rent-free

  34. Greg Haselhorst

    Toobin only cares about what income he can get from being controversal. And he exposes his junk on Zoom. What a pud

  35. Greg Haselhorst

    Toobin is on the take. He was OJ Simpson trial and Trump.

  36. Don’t prosecute? There’s nothing to prosecute to begin with.

  37. David Rogers

    Toobin a corrupt journalist.

  38. So why is this lying australian news anchor not calling for Biden to be impeached for his phone call discussing how to lie about the situation in Afghanistan?

  39. How about prosecuting Trump for the same crime that Michael Cohen did at Trump's direction and went to prison for.

  40. Anne Guetschow

    Trump should be investigated. He incited an insurrection. But for his lies there would have been no insurrection!

  41. Meetoobin needs his palms visible at all times.

  42. Larry Cleveland, RDN, LD, LMT

    We have drastically lowered our standards. The only reason not to prosecute and convict him is it will unleash the cult like what happened in South Africa. Either way, Wasf

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