New TOP 10 Wash Traded Coins! Is Your Crypto Manipulated!?

The laundry list is out! & Chico Crypto is bringing you the TOP 10 wash traded cryptos that have volume worth talking about. 90-95% of cryptocurrency volume is in the form of wash trading, but what cryptocurrencies are the ones contributing to this problem plaguing the crypto markets? Is it Bitcoin? Is it Ethereum? Or is it a bunch of sh*t coins? Tune in to see if your favorite cryptocurrency made the list!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Exchanges Are Wash Trading Crypto Coins
01:49 #10 Most Wash Traded Coin
02:37 #9 Most Wash Traded Coin
03:07 #8 Most Wash Traded Coin
03:46 #7 Most Wash Traded Coin
04:29 #6 Most Wash Traded Coin
04:58 #5 Most Wash Traded Coin
05:32 #4 Most Wash Traded Coin
06:02 #3 Most Wash Traded Coin
06:45 #2 Most Wash Traded Coin
07:15 #1 Most Wash Traded Coin Is…..
07:51 Conclusion

Top Exchanges Preforming Wash Trading

Full List of Wash Traded Coins

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  1. Chico Crypto

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: Exchanges Are Wash Trading Crypto Coins

    01:49 #10 Most Wash Traded Coin

    02:37 #9 Most Wash Traded Coin

    03:07 #8 Most Wash Traded Coin

    03:46 #7 Most Wash Traded Coin

    04:29 #6 Most Wash Traded Coin

    04:58 #5 Most Wash Traded Coin

    05:32 #4 Most Wash Traded Coin

    06:02 #3 Most Wash Traded Coin

    06:45 #2 Most Wash Traded Coin

    07:15 #1 Most Wash Traded Coin Is…..

    07:51 Conclusion

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  2. CauseImYourFat

    Where to buy the real vulumn coin?

  3. good job bro

  4. Taylor Mallory

    Beefing the fuck up lately lol.
    I should work on myself.

    Another good video.

  5. juliansmulian

    2500 A.D "Brawndo has what plants crave!", 2019 A.D "XRP has what banks crave!"

  6. ETT is doing a fuckton of fake volume

  7. Scott Kimball

    So wash trading is bad, right? If so, I see Ravencoin with a 2.58% WT rating but with an opening like "In the fictional world of Westeros, ravens are used as messengers who carry statements of truth. Ravencoin isa use-case focused blockchain designed to carry statements of truth about who owns what assets." I have a hard time taking them serious.

  8. Nachannachle

    *Justin Sun wants to know your location*…

  9. i am surprised that ripple isnt on the list

  10. Fascinating stuff T-Dog. I need a bath after that 🛀

  11. You never trust Chinese or Indian coins

  12. Look at Tron in cointiger almost more than half billion on 24 hour trade lol

  13. Yung Content

    This dude is fucking legend. ☮️

  14. Glad that Cardano has at least 90% of real trading 🙂 it's always in 20-300 million$ range

  15. Edwin Casimero

    Where is XRP?

  16. Please help me for my life. please grant/donate me bit coin address is 1Awt1ghbNuV9w2tdTPg8RbvsJYKkeJ6yMU

  17. Lmao the smile on Chicos face when he said Tron.

  18. Now we knw why xrp's price don't move 😂

  19. Regulated markets are just as manipulated – the only difference is the players have to pay a King Makers fee and are then protected by the Justice System and shielded by smoke screens put out by the media. The regulated financial carcass is kept alive using blood infusions from pension funds and tax payers whilst the meat is consumed by insider bankster-class leeches, & fat oligarch maggots. Bon appetit

  20. It's called "money laundering"

  21. James Morgan

    Was worried XRP was #1 😅

  22. In 10 years it will be ONLY Btc(gold) Xrp(amazon of payments) Ltc(silver) XLM(crossborder comp of XRP) Zcash(privacy option for snakes of the world) and ETH(Internet 2.0) HOLO(social media). My opinion not financial advice 🗝

  23. Hybrid Alien


  24. Is TS holding any ETC in his bag? Dumped mine a while ago.

  25. Travis Sakowski

    Can't wait for your out take on the "hack"
    Personally I think CZ is helping teether out.

  26. cryptocurrency apps

    Tron power..

  27. What do you think of Grin Chico?

  28. Use-Case Use-Waste

    Real volume: XRP, EOS, XLM, IOTA, ADA, etc.

  29. What is wash trading? Who owns the blockchain transparency commission? Why is wash trading bad?

  30. Thomas Henshall

    Welcome to the D centralized future. People don’t want oversight this is what humans do to each other. Steal rape murder pillage conquer. That’s why they’re always has to be a middleman who will kill both parties if one is attacking the other.

    And government is how we got banks and banks is how we got to Wall Street today, this is just a new cycle of human rights that will be a change in another 100 years.

  31. I would like to know the stats or the DOW and every other market.

  32. Binance showing 87% real volume. Did they fund the survey? Did they do good?

  33. You really are a cool dude, thanks for the great content <3

  34. unknown name

    Look at Bitmax can you make a video to expose their wash trading

  35. Andrea Wilson

    Thanks to Mr Scott anderson for the great analysis, in trading and the good offer he has given me in trading also absconding me from scammers.

  36. Thank God I don't have any of those.

  37. Paulius Bartaska

    Nice one 🙂

  38. Thanks for the video, I have a feeling that the successful traders will leave the space into a regulated market which will leave crypto to dry up and die and only gamblers will be letf until they are broke. Its like a evil system invented to take your money and no other use case. The only reason why people hodl is because of hopium that btc will be $1m+ one day, but what it it is in the 5-10k range for years? The hodlers will leave and its game over. Nobody uses DAPs or pays with crypto, all transaction are from wallets to exchanges and back (a bit less now with the binance self hack).

  39. yay ICON is not much wash-traded!!

  40. David Beauras

    Anyone can telle me why Wash Trading? Is it make the price go up, kind of pump?

  41. David Beauras

    I didn't see XRP.

  42. Cardano is the best coin, no wash trading


  44. Tekno Dimension

    Hey everyone go look at a 6 month old videos from Tyler. He looks like Vitalik Buterins lost brother there. 6 months later he's JACKED. Well done Tyler, inspiring. The content also, as always

  45. Noah Washington

    Bullshit title

  46. Wtf does eaven wash trading means? A bot trading? Wash or not.. thoes orders are in the book.. and thats volume.. 98%+ or eaven more of the trades are created by bots nowdays.. thats how it is..I know, cuase I have been building and selling them for 5 years +

  47. Charlie Shear

    >>> Did you know you can easily destroy an exchange that does 'wash trading', let's say the price of a token is at 1.000 the wash trading bot will auto trade a small range between let's say 1.002 – 0.998 if you setup a buy and sell order at 1.001 and 0.999 you will lock in that price and force the price of the token to stay flat and not bounce up and down! What's funny is that the exchange wash trading bot will end up buying and selling your trades and they will lose money, because you are taking away the wash trading bot's spread! I've done this loads in many exchanges and it ends up making that token get de-listed. Because the exchange ends up losing money from wash trading! Power to the people – not the fake exchanges!

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