New Top Crypto Picks Q2 2019. These Coins Will Explode💥

What are the top cryptos 2019? Chico Crypto is back with their crypto coin picks for quarter 2 2019. The first coin just had a mainnet release, and is getting listed on multiple exchanges like Kraken, Poloniex & The second coin has an extremely low market cap of under 1 million USD, but has technology that will knock your socks off. They are aiming to change the web as we know with a hybrid topology, changing the underlying data transmission protocols, and incorporating blockchain technology for security and smart contracts. Which two cryptos are they? Tune in to find out!

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00:08 Introduction
00:55 Coin Pick Number 1
04:43 Coin Pick Number 2
08:45 Conclusion

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  1. Chico Crypto

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction

    00:55 Coin Pick Number 1

    04:43 Coin Pick Number 2

    08:45 Conclusion

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  2. Matthew Apsey

    Sentivate will be a beast! Please do an update video / interview with the team.

  3. Come on, guys! Let's deposit $SNTVT on #MXC_Exchange to be able to get listed for free.

  4. Im going into sentivate thanx

  5. SENTIVATE??? These guys hands down got paid by these 2 to do this!

  6. Hi. Did I mention already? You talked about two stabelcoins, you should really checkout bitbay market for that matter. The dynamic peg is amazing!!!

  7. Hi bro! You should checkout !!! Working Crypto since 2014… no bloatware or vaporware… real revolutionary coin with gamechaning stablisation mechaniism!

  8. Henzy Marine

    #bitbay has a dynamic peg to control the value which is voted on by the community.

  9. $BAY #BITBAY with a Dynamic PEG and Decentralized Market Place + stability it will be something interesting

  10. I been stacking up on COSMOS

  11. Miracle Things Happen

    Please send me a few ETH i have nothing 🙁 and i am new in crypto business that is my Eth address: 0xdba14776f20554864eFCdAbD09665B95452c7CF3

    Please THank you very much <3 <3 <3

  12. Premium Softwares

    So much hypes around many coins but at what level of engagement are they and also how good and effective is the products. Projects like veil, Gexan have built a formidable product that will stand test of time

  13. Premium Softwares

    Seeing lots of coin picks this days but how many are really doing well. I'm on veil and staking has been very profitable for me. Getting some BnB too.

  14. I get tired of listening to your voice.

  15. Confidence C

    Veil is good to hodl

  16. Confidence C

    Veil is vary good to hodl

  17. All even shitty coins went up, except your promoted Sentivate coin, what is worst than shitty?

  18. COVA?????

  19. Larry Getrude

    Veil coin is the best privacy coin.

  20. Veil is another good coin to invest in …The supply of Veil coin available for use is presently 10M. The most extreme supply after the stock transactions and mining transactions will be 300M. Square prizes are resolved to be 100 and will proceed until the hard cap is gone after the principal year. Veil ll explode

  21. Alex Sulivan

    ohh yeah pee to pee network ehh?!!.. dont buy into cosmos!! V

  22. Where were you during the time when everything was down the dump? Suddenly when all altcoins are rising you become an expert and want people to buy on what you're buying

  23. Nova Neteret

    You accurately called flexa!!!! Nice

  24. Look at BeatzCoin guys ! It’s working together with BTT to change forever the way we share music and media content. Youtube and spotify will be replaced soon 🔥

  25. Kin is on Coinbase Custody now.

  26. Ethan James Flores - Masayahin sit in

    How about Beatzcoin? What do you think of it? It's currently one of Tron's SR. Would be great to hear your opinion on this.

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