New Top Lawyer Harish Salve Exits Supreme Court Case: "Don't Want Sideshow" | The News

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Senior lawyer Harish Salve today dropped out of the case that the Supreme Court took up yesterday involving the distribution of oxygen, vaccines and medicines across the country amid rising Covid cases. The Supreme Court allowed Mr Salve’s request to opt out, berating some senior lawyers for imputing motive to his appointment as “amicus curiae” to assist the court.

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  1. While the SC is spending its time & energy to ensure the fellow Arrnab doesnt stay in jail even for a night, but it is least bothered about bunch of bail petitions pending relating to activists,journalists and personalities who were really intetested in the fair administration of the country.. Judges who bury their conscience and prefer to be just a mouthpiece of this arrogant govt dont deserve to be inthe chair anylonger. The judges who take their wages from the tax- payers money should decide whether to serve the people- the genuine masters or the seasonal politicians who are likely to vanish anytime.

  2. She is talking loads of dog waste .listen to Dr Biswas swaroop Choudhary regarding corona.

  3. I had predicted early that every ones days will be numbered in 2019.
    It has come true so far.

    Now I see gloom on some of the faces of well known faces.

    It shows that something is worrying them.
    And what is that something?
    Every puppy has its day,
    Every body has to pay.
    It is a big worry for everyone. ….

  4. Why dont you want to help modi?

    Because modi popularity nationally and internationally is at zero and you don't want be any part of that.

    Dont give your stupid answer.

  5. The pandamic is a tool for destroying the humankind, invented and used by the enemy the devil. He deceives the people in authority and use them to executes his evil plan.
    Find out in detail and Reject it .

  6. HARISH SALVE is a disgrace to the lawyer community. Your dad will be very proud of you HARISH SLAVE

  7. Everything else can wait, but Arnab Goswami needs ultra urgent attention! How about the registrar, who lists the case for hearing? Dies he also belong to BJP or a corrupt official?

  8. This Salve is the son of N K P Salve who remained in Congress at senior positions including as a Central Govt minister but an RSS plant all his political career. So the faith of both father and son in Manuvadi policies runs in the DNA of Salve family to shield it as well as all Manuvadis like S A Bobde the retiring CJI.

  9. So true if congress can open supreme court at night to bail terrorist and congress lawyers can take SC for a ride or RAJIV FANDHI can trounce entire SPC rule then y SC is taking time now..irony???

  10. People: My patient needs Oxygen, NOW.
    Hospitals: Our Patients needs Oxygen. It's not available. Patients will die.
    SC: Not Important. Next Week.

    Sunny Deol: Tarikh pe Tarikh. Tarikh pe Tarikh.

    Amrish Puri: Itanaa Burraa to movie me bhi nahi hua. 🤧

  11. अभी सत्ता में बैठे और संवैधानिक पद पर बैठे सब जमीर को गिरवी रख कुछ भी करने को तैयार लोग नहीं लगते क्या?

  12. प्रधानमंत्री जी कब तक अक्कड़-बककड़ बमबे बोल करेंगे,अब कुछ काम होना चाहिए या करोना संकट सेना के कंट्रोल में दे दिजिए। ये राष्ट्रीय आपदा है इसमें भारतीय सेना जैसा उत्तम अनुशासित प्रणालि की अवसयकता है।

  13. Harish saliva is newly married. He's smooching his wife's saliva . Let him enjoy that.


  15. He should exit from profession permanently.. ha has already made sufficient money.. why he needs more money..


  17. SC Kendra Sarkar ko bachane m lagi hai means Modi k ishaare pe hai. Public marti hai to Marne do………🙏🙏🙏

  18. Supreme court is responsible for all the pain in our country.
    Harish Slave is Shameless Advocate taking wrong cases favouring govt and Godi Bastard's Supari choir Boots leaking Godi Media.
    Last Three CJI Mishra Gogoi Bobde spoil the Judiciary now new CJI will be no different.

  19. This was done on the last day why did he appear in how many cases before as the lay man also known a judge canot take a case if he knows the lawyer and then pas order in his fawer.

  20. Supreme court has become a own of government. What a sad world we r living in. Police abuse their powers. And politicians sacrifice the lives of others.

  21. Can't this woman talk slower…she is gulping words..what kind newscasters does this channel select?

  22. Of Course who can't be sincere to his 38 year married life he is born cheat and thug a government stooge who can do anything for money

  23. What nonsense…people are dying everyday and supreme court has given time to come with plan till 27th…