New Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Risk

Since it has been a few months since we spoke about the risk metric for the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, I thought it may be a good time for an update. The risk metric takes into account price, time, volatility, and diminishing returns. In this manner, it can at least give us some idea with how heated Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency asset class is at the moment. Where do you see the total cryptocurrency marketcap heading this market cycle? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Daniel Leonard

    You got a nice video!! I still don't know what stock to buy, do you have any idea on more assets with high yielding potential like the one in this video?

  2. Tenteerachot

    you should have Matic in your premium report as well

  3. If I watched this video 2 months ago,I would be %30 richer by now.There is always next time right? Thnx to Ben!

  4. jake hensley

    You got to know when to hodl, know when to fodl, know when to walk away, or go all in, You never count your money until you cash it out of market, there'll be time enough for counting at the end of the run.

  5. This video would have been cool to mention when we were at that level ! Not when we’re falling out of it . How ironic .

  6. Nathaniel Toby

    Great fucking video

  7. WTF is this? Seriously, with all due respect this should be prefaced with an enormous warning that it's crypto, there's no 0.1 ever, have you lost your mind? Some poor sod might look at this and think there's no more risk in crypto than bonds.

  8. Ishaan Taylor

    What is the total market risk metric?

  9. for christ sake, put in some horizontal gridlines in you savage! Seriously, its 2021 and your just letting the Y-axis dangle there with a log scale….

  10. Is there a publicly available Risk Metric indicator in TradingView? I'm not sure which one to use.

  11. Do you agree that this current top looks more and more like a cycle top? I compared this with the 2013 and the 2017 tops, in general the downwards movement looks the same.

  12. The ScanLegend

    Please review SOLANA

  13. No double peak, pain for holders in December 21

  14. Such a valuable metric Ben, thanks for this

  15. Filecoin?

  16. Whats your opinion on Harmony ONE?

  17. Aswell as El Salvador and Mexico 🇲🇽 more positive Bitcoin Łitecoin and crypto news from Texas.

    ‘Texas State Regulator Greenlights Banks to Custody Crypto – CoinDesk’

  18. how do we generate this chart?

  19. Ron Robinson

    How many more days do we have until the end of the sale?

  20. Sjoerd ˈʃuːd

    Wish I knew the formula to chart this..

  21. Andrew Flower

    Hey I'm new to your channel. Is this risk metric your own calculated metric or is it a formally known metric? Love the content I've seen btw!

  22. Stable coins are tied to govt fiat. Shady AF.

  23. Looking forward to that alt coin market risk metric

  24. im not selling

  25. Shatu Mshelia

    Please what is DCA

  26. Hey Ben, what's the mathematical definition of "Risk" in your second graph? Thanks!

  27. Iman Maragah Ellyien

    Ben you are very realistic and a down to earth guy! I enjoy your analysis ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  28. Where can we get/view that risk graph ?

  29. Great risk management tips

  30. You remind me of Sheldon Cooper in crypto world lol

  31. General Ivan

    I wish you would have told us that the risk level was high before the drop instead of telling us most people would underestimate the top of the ETH Tsunami. Telling us after the fact isn't very useful.

  32. mfw when i went all in @ 56 k

  33. Hey Ben, where do you get your price history data?

  34. Samsung Smartphone photography

    Why you did not share this info as risk level of Bitcoin was 0.9?
    Now to share this info is worthless….

  35. I am BACK into the cryptoverse

  36. where can i get the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizationm chart you used ?

  37. Jeff Hawkins

    How is the risk metric calculated?

  38. Colin DeWaay

    There’s nothing worse than someone who makes fun of someone else for taking profits. Ironically those are often the people later referred to as what we like to call bag holders.

  39. I appreciate you sharing this great tool with us plebs!

  40. Andrew Lenehan

    Add risk for AVAX

  41. I think a lot of altcoins are still hugely overvalued right now. Some of these projects have no business being worth $5+ billion dollars.
    I'm sticking to BTC and ETH until things get more bullish again.


    ETHEREUM 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌛✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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