New Train Crash Attorneys Look At Laws and Safety in Amtrak Crash Aftermath


Statistics show that 90 percent of all train accidents could be prevented with improved safety technology and better railway operations management. For example, many collisions occur when the engineer fails to stop or observe the speed limit after being triggered by an alarm, like a track obstruction.

Over the last three years, government agencies have reported that the number of train accidents on the nation’s railways has increased dramatically.

In all these train accidents, investigators determine whether a disaster could have been prevented by technology already available at that time or if a train employee’s negligence caused it.

In every instance where negligence is determined, even if there was no personal injury or fatality, supervisors must be held accountable for their role in the incident with suspension or termination.

Were you or someone you know was involved in a train accident? If so, you are legally entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, missed earnings, and other losses incurred due to the mishap.

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