New Transition to Pitch & One Call Closers | Mortgage Sales Coaching 2018

In this video, I spend time with an agent who was wired to do her sales in a ‘one call close’ and found difficulty in doing a two call close as I advised in my trainings.
However, after finding great success with the techniques shared with her in originating new business and driving the initial sales conversation, she asked for some coaching on transitioning to a pitch.

I found her issues to be unique yet common at the same time.

Many of you reading this right now may be thinking a one call close is convenient to you or the prospect and seems like a ‘win/win’ but in reality and in this market, it is best to give yourself the time to be calculated. Share this with someone who needs to see it! #SalesRemastered

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I’m Daniel Nicart of SalesRemastered. I help Sales Professionals find an easier path to increase their income, reach their potential, develop the right mindset and become Top Producers, fast! This channel was made with Loan Officers in mind, where I share sales training relevant to all Loan Officers in varying experience levels. If you’re tired of watching the same sales content that don’t talk about what you’re actually experiencing in the sales floor, then you’re finally in the right place!

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  1. I love the fact that you sped this up to make it faster to listen to despite the fact that Youtube rewards longer videos.

  2. Simply Everything Handyman Services

    So when you say no closing costs, doesn't that create backlash when they see the closing costs and loan amount on the LE?

  3. Thanks for sharing, Do you do any purchase biz or mostly Refi world?

    Your knowledge is amazing!!

  4. 👌

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