New Trump lawyer accuses Democrats of manipulating evidence at impeachment trial.

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  1. Brielle Hunter

    Democrats are not imprisoned or punished yet again. They were busted creating false evidence. That is disgusting. If Adam Schiff was imprisoned for creating false evidence during the first impeachment this would not keep happening.

    There is no justice system.

  2. Good lawyer 👏

  3. reportedly all these democrats, are scumbags..

  4. This guy literally destroyed them

  5. Dumb Democrats!😏

  6. we salute ATTY David Schoen and ATTY Mike Van der Veen who defended PRES TRUMP

  7. I see from all the comments below that is totally and completely true the fact that America is deeply submerged in a systemic, endless racist spiral. Racism in America is transmitted from generation to generation, it has become a genetic disorder, far beyond from a social problem. It's sad what happens with this country and I don’t think it will ever heal. Trump's only merit was to give wings to all these "patriots" (what a hypocritical name for white thrash !!!), who always hoped and awaited for a president like him. The beast has awaken, there's no way back and this will be probably the end of a nation that always knew how to manipulate the rest of the world but ignored its own real problems !

  8. Rachel Craig

    It was reportedly reported that it was all in the 'Tweets',,,is no wonder it all turned into such a fiasco (reportedly)

  9. nicole monrue

    Whats sad is NONE of these officials will be held responsible

  10. Love how it says accuses vs proves. Lol. As everyone didn’t know this weeks and weeks earlier

  11. This isn’t an accusation, this is fact. They were caught.

  12. That fucking reporter makes me so mad "I'm sorry were you saying the white nationalists were treated unfairly?". She fucking knows he didn't say that. He made it so so SO clear to separate it and they STILL tried. I'm so mad. There is so much evil in this world.

  13. "Drumphft literally told people to inject bleach into their veins!!!!!!!"

  14. The blue checkmark is being used against the
    left! lol

  15. Tony Joe Roach

    They were “reportedly ready to fight …” to impeach President Trump without any evidence. These people are pure hate. And an embarrassment to our country.

  16. It’s time to introduce criminal repercussions for lying politicians. Why is it not fraud to knowingly lie to the voting public?

  17. I bet one of those house managers was like THIS GUY IS GOOD. They should do all this under oath so theirs no corruption

  18. This lawyer brought all the receipts lol

  19. Matter of Fact

    Why are these deceitful , disingenuous , manipulative , senators that are representing the nation by misrepresenting
    "All Citizens" thru a campaign of lies thru their piety and nefarious nature not removed from these positions? Should these people not be held responsible for destruction they supported thru their duplicity. Perhaps if they were , we would have
    individuals that would "DO" something beneficial for their citizens instead of this pathetic behaviour.



  21. Accuse? Right.. they lied and didn't deny or contest it either. Get your narrative correct

  22. Kindergarten computer manipulated page for the win

  23. Gracita Estepa

    Wow I’m soooo impressed with Pres. TRUMP s lawyers are so GREAT. These Democrats are so evil

  24. Why isn't anyone putting the blame for the insurrection where it truly belongs? And that is the government as a whole for not doing a complete and transparent audit to put the fraud allegations(more that allegations) to rest.

  25. CyberSlayer128

    I'll mark "reportedly" as another word that has lost it's meaning.

  26. justchilaxe123

    Trump's lawyer destroyed the Democrat's entire sham I love this guy

  27. accuses Democrats of manipulating evidence at impeachment trial WTF HE PROVED IT ASSWIPES

  28. kind of like trump doing the same thing ???

  29. The impeachment’s were not dual process. They were political prosecutions and witch hunts.

  30. Colin O'Connor

    So we’re the house managers like brain dead and didn’t think the legal team would just roll the full video so ya know we could see the full context?

  31. Meli Matanatoto

    Great lawyer…damn he just toasted the democrats.

  32. Friends of Jesus with Pastor Roland

    When Trump speaks, the whole world watch and listen but when Biden speaks no one watch or listen except those who want to have some good laugh as Biden will surely have some gaffes. I bet you that!

  33. Democrats also faked election votes because they're a minority of crooks !

  34. Juliana Hernandez

    All this evidences talk very bad about Democrary party. Is a shame if they modificated the twits and the videos, with the election let me think, let me think "

  35. Michael Callison

    Is it not illegal for the criminal left to manipulate evidence?

  36. Tom Greenley


  37. Joey Cochenour

    Trump lawyer exposes democrats of manipulating evidence at impeachment trial*. Fixed your title. Never was an accusation. He presented cold hard evidence. That’s the difference between accusing and exposing.

  38. Roy Marksberry

    The Democrats lie and set him

  39. I feel so bad for this man. Its like a college student going to 1st grade classes

  40. Have any of his "lawyers"ever been right at anything?

  41. I'm annoyed they had to go to these lengths we all know there is no way Trump could he found guilty why did they have to go as far as forging evidence

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