New Trump lawyer says depositions should be taken at his Philadelphia office

Trump impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen told senators that if Democrats wished to call a witness, he would ask for at least 100 witnesses and would insist they give depositions in person in his office in Philadelphia.

“These depositions should be done in person in my office in Philadelphia,” van der Veen said. “That’s where they should be done.”

His animated statement was met with laughter from the chamber, which visibly angered van der Veen.

“I haven’t laughed at any of you and there’s nothing laughable here,” van der Veen said.



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  1. Let us laugh at the folks in Congress when they speak and the tone would be completely different.

  2. Really crazy tiny bobbi

    In pHiLLyDeLpHiA

  3. Mark Heimweh

    # 45 lawyer is no legend or sharp men !! the rep.senators are cowardly and created their complicity with # 45 and the mob …..


  5. Only white supremist defend a traitor like Trump.

  6. bobby wright

    Pretty sure Leahy’s heart stopped for about 3 seconds then kicked back on.

  7. DandySpeedyAndy

    That whole Congress is the laughing stock of the world..Bunch of jokes

  8. Dang Ling Long

    Say what you will bout Trump but leftist news outlets are surely gonna miss the biggest cash cow the ever had 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Jeff US Ranger Airborne

    I'm from Philly. That's not Why they were laughing. All the Laughter came from the Democrats side of the Chamber. If people Grow up and learn to pay attention to Subject matters. You would also learn that the Counsel here was Correct about where the depositions should be Held and Those Laughing were Simply being immature, Uneducated in Civil Law State Representatives that shouldn't behave in that Manner.
    Note: throughout these past 4yrs and Now all the Impeachment Hearings and Trails. I've paid attention to something 50% of the Population Clearly Didn't See and if pointed out to them, would just Shake it off as *F Trump*. 45% of the Population would say something like 'yeah We see it but the Law wouldn't Allow it'. Where as about 5% of us Is Screaming "People wake up! This if allowed to Continue, it Only gets Worse. If this is what our Governing Legal Body does and Doesn't Do to our Elected Officials of the Highest Offices. What Can We Ever Expect to Receive in Fairness and Unbiased Judgment for us Regular Folks in our Courts in our own cities and Towns throughout the land. If you think you are unfairly treated now. Just you Wait and see. These People are supposed to be our Best and they Suck at what they do. Violating the Legal Process, the Constitution and the Rule of Law. All because they aren't held Under Oath in those Chambers. When they Do these things and Have no apprehensions about doing them, KNOWING that we See them Doing these Things. Yet, It's business as usual'. That should Scare the Crap out of Everyone.

  10. Charles Smith

    Yep! Philthydelphia is a joke!

  11. Audrey Aitch

    I don't know why you're laughing….ummm because you said Phillydelphia.

  12. Cynthia Hunt

    Biden’s is head of a criminal syndicate. These communists don’t him to run in 2024 bec he’ll win

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