New Trump Update | $2,000 Stimulus Check Demand [12-25]

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Trump won’t be signing the covid relief bill! He’s talking about the omnibus bill!!
Nancy Pelosi AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Chuck Schumer AGREES to $2,000 stimulus checks and $4,000 for couples.
Steny Hoyer AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Bernie Sanders agrees to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Roy Blunt does NOT believe there are enough votes to get $2,000 stimulus checks passed.

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Second Stimulus check update as of Friday 12-25-2020.
The New Omnibus and Covid Relief (Stimulus Check) Package includes the following:
-$600 stimulus checks to adults.
-$600 stimulus checks to child dependents.
-$75k single phase out for checks / $150k married filing jointly phase out (reduces $5 per $1000 extra you make).
-No cap on dependents.
-Stimulus checks will come as soon as December 28, 2020 (per Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin).
-$300/wk Unemployment (11 week extension for all unemployment including PUA / PEUC).
-SSDI/SSI Stimulus Checks
-A deal between Pelosi, democrats, and republicans with Toomey on the Fed’s 13-3 facilities.
-Business meals tax deductible.
-Second PPP round with 25% decline in revenue. New first PPP round.
-New “targeted” EIDL Grants. Emergency Injury Disaster Loan Grants.
-Rental relief with state governments.
Stimulus check update as of Friday 12-25-2020.

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Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy have finally managed to get the $900 billion dollar stimulus package agreed upon. This is a smaller stimulus check bill than the Cares Act, but it’s very much needed.

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  1. McConnell has some nerve walk a mile in our shoes people who don't deserve Stimulus check's should not get 2000.00 well we are in lock down people are dieing and getting sick are you kidding me right now the price of food has gone up we the people do deserve it stop playing games with our lives please

  2. This is not a flat  10K to all applicants.  10K is simply the maximum you could possibly receive. Currently, the  is providing $1,000 per employee, up to ten employees (and if you're a sole proprietor, you're eligible for $1,000 only).Dec 20, 2020

  3. I’m glad that people are pushing to get rid of section 230. It’s been protecting these large companies who have been censoring people on their platform for saying things they don’t agree with is not good faith. Platforms are meant to have an open exchange and shouldn’t have the ability to silence people as long as nothing illegal occurs.

  4. Democrat sucks, they keep getting rich with our fucking entitlement and here we are praying and hoping for what should be rightfully ours. Glad to have great plan to fall back to. Ever since I started using hackbymurph on Instagram I never got broke

  5. I don’t understand, all we would need is 4 republican senators to vote for 2k checks, right? Graham would be 1. Why can’t they vote?

  6. Business's turn back to sole proprietorship ruled under Gods law and dump the corporate system ruled by mans goverment. You will pay almost nothing in taxes and a handshake is as good or better than a written contract. I used to be one and government forced me to go corporate. The worst nightmare of a mistake I ever regretted making.


  8. I think I want to invest my energy and efforts into something that has potential in longevity and prosperity and an opportunity to even prosper in the future like a seed and watering it I wanna see it bloom and if I see a weed I’m probably going to pull it. There’s just so many more of us than them I’m not pointing fingers stated in the obvious take a look around why are we living in poverty?when this is supposedly the land of the great? the land of the great? we’re living on stolen land!! yes we all could speak generation from generation! that is not the truth the truth is…. that it just needs to be truthful and honesty is what prevails.::. now what do you want? do you want representation of promises… That have yet to come to existence….
    or do you want representation… of something new and real and obviously stated in the truth!!!


  10. What are the odds I just move to Canada! They at least were already paying $2,000 a month. I’m not gonna complain just never invest my money. Now or ever anywhere in the U.S. I’m Out ✌️

  11. Trump trying to go out with a Bang! Before he leaves office PERIOD. yes it’s messed up we should’ve gotten a second stimulus by now but he waited for everyone to agree on $600 stimulus package then he storms in like a eagle grabbing fish out of water delaying everything and now millions of Peoples unemployment runs out

  12. And this is why we wanted President Trump in the first place to get rid of the waste that the government is spending in the Omnibus bills..cut the fat and look out for America!!!

  13. Perhaps folks should head for Mar-a-lago to collect their cheques, afterall Trump must be very concerned that you get your $2000 relief package!!!

  14. holy shit i want beats audio because this nobody just put some on. There probably not even paying him. What a shameless tool

  15. the argument for section 230… is that when those platforms "censor" their users, they are acting more like a publisher and less like a platform, therefore they should no longer be offered protections of a platform. They can censor free speech and influence elections with their narrative, and literally remove people for their opinions. Sorry but they don't deserve these protections anymore. They are supposed to remain neutral and unbiased, and that's how they retain their "platform" protections.

  16. If you want to hit the government where it hurts. it's their pockets. Stop spending the government's money stop going to work that will shut down this country!

  17. RAND PAUL is right. Our money is here to stay instead of foreign accounts for corrupt politicians. CALI is suffering enough. WAKE UP KEVIN.

  18. But the Republicans allowed Trumps 340 Million Golfing expenditures. SO what's the beef with approving $2000.00 for each individual and $600 per child?

  19. Pelosi will not take back the only money they CAN STEAL. MAY BE LAST CHANCE.

  20. Our system of governance is failing to do its job, not that it has ever done so completely correctly. Change is inevitable.

  21. Here's the thing about the CDA and China. Trump and China are on the same exact side. Both want to perpetuate disinformation. The current state of the CDA is exactly what we need to combat disinformation. The gift would be to repeal it and that gift will benefit both China and Trump because both can spew their disinformation with impunity because the social media platforms will turn a blind eye for fear of being sued. And I don't care what Lindsey Graham says, there is no way that Trump gives a rat's ass about the people. He is strictly angling for a compromise on that amount in exchange for repeal of section 230.