New Tucker TURNS On Donald Trump, Slams Election Lawyers?!

Even Tucker Carlson is running away from Donald Trump’s election insanity. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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  1. I'm sorry to say that funny as she is, she needs some serious therapy. I really must stop laughing, or Karma will get me 😉

  2. I'm reacting to the gaslighting title. Tucker did not "turn" on Trump. He asked legitimate questions, the way journalists are supposed to, and used to, regardless of who was in power. Democrats are so used to fake journalists that kiss butts (except if Republicans are in power), you don't even know what a tough question looks like. When the truth is known and Trump is proven right, Tucker will call out these fake democrat "journalists" and their favorite corrupt candidates.

  3. It's finally dawned on Carlson that if he continues to support Guiliani's increasingly deranged campaign he will jeopardise his credibility with even a majority of the Trump supporters he has pandered to over the pasr four years.

  4. he lost the popular vote by 3 mill in 2016 almost 6 mill in 2020 he is not tired of whining yet

  5. Well for$20G a day it's no wonder he keeps dragging it out so he can keep milking that turkey!

  6. Do we REALLY believe Tucker has finally come to his senses? His mental condition is moving at a glacial pace when you consider he only stopped waring a bow tie, what like 4 years ago so…

  7. Well, the likes of Carlson will soon be working directly for the President on POTUS' new TV network.