New Twitch Livestream | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 1 [Xbox One]

**This stream was recorded on April 12th, 2019**

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Gameplay starts at: 2:16

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  1. I used to play these games every year, now I just come here every year and watch the series

  2. The TNT Raider

    So I’ve never played the Phoenix Wright games… it just just hit me that the second case is inspired by the fucking Watergate Scandal…

  3. I think that in the first case, you can present a piece of evidence for multiple statements and get it right. I saw him present evidence on statements that were different from my playthrough.

  4. Ah Phoenix Wright, just casually touching on police corruption and corporate greed.


  6. oh my FUCKING god i never paid attention to the first couple of cases on your playthrough, the wake me up @ 52:35 KILLED ME

  7. So April May's theme is totally "not" GT's main theme

  8. There are some comments here that have not aged well at all.

  9. If someone reading this wants to see a playthrough of this game where they almost totally try to figure it out, check out the Late Night with Cry and Russ streams! They used an emulator so it's not nearly as pretty looking… though that's really the least important part. I believe the streams are on a channel called Late Night with Cry and Russ V2- there's a playlist of them all. Draxr may have some on his channel, too, besides the normal highlights.
    The voice that Minx gives Miss May is the canon voice for me.

  10. The amount of people that probably didnt get thr APA reference kills me lmfao idk if it made anyone else laugh but I sure did lol

  11. Ethan Armstrong

    This game still gives me chills and filled with joy watching this a year on. Such a great game to have the in background while studying 👌 also the Investigation Core 2001 theme is on point

  12. call call call? wow the fucking taste Ray.

  13. i'm bout to bust

  14. I like how he grows from sorta indifferent, just reading for the fans and the achievements to actually pretty interested in the story.

  15. Rizki Ramadhan

    3:37 is when the game starts being Japanese. Still though, why would a samurai use a spear? He should've used a katana instead.

  16. CezrDaPleazr

    I'm thrilled you played this

  17. GenderlessGoon VEVO

    Ray Said uWu "Im About To Bust"

  18. GrimlockThe18

    Yo Ray listens to Seventeen hell yea

  19. TheElvenTinker^.^

    The only bad thing I’ve to say about this video. Please stop talking with your mouth full.

  20. Carmeldellsu

    Get it hairy butts

  21. CJ Carpenter

    I was avoiding watching these because I hate text based games but I decided to give it a try and so far it's really entertaining.

  22. 1:06:15 little did he know…

  23. Cheetahboy 0

    4:34:09 The prosecution has no meaningful objections at this time.
    Everybody ever: Excuse me what the fook

  24. Cheetahboy 0

    The first trial of the third case in the first game is ridiculous, it’s just Oldbag being ridiculous and everybody except Oldbag is confused about what Oldbag is saying.

  25. double chin ultimate

    Larry is a maniac he said ex-squeeze me to Mia the girl with the biggest rack in the world

  26. 3:26:24 that was perfect just perfect.👍🏻

  27. 12 hour road trip means i get to watch this !!

  28. I don't think I've seen you enjoy a game this much in terms of laughter in a really long time…if ever really

  29. Joshy Bratwurst

    1:12 Fucking well timed adult virgin

  30. edgeworth is so drastically different between case 1 and 2.

  31. eating the whole time and using guide haha, bye

  32. Projared, hmm

  33. Riley Graves

    I like how they used "The Gatewater Hotel" where Mia was wiretapped. Very similar to the Watergate scandal.

  34. Young Pasty Apostle

    2:05:30 idk how the Japanese justice system works, but that wiretap was not obtained through a valid police search and therefore should not be admissible in court as legal evidence

  35. 1:06:00
    Wow, happiness towards ProJared, that didn't age well…

  36. Young Pasty Apostle

    1:06:01 I rate this donation a broken marriage/10

  37. Zach Fechtner

    1:06:00 "ProJared has gifted 5 subs to viewers"… Oof

  38. Bailey Dutcher

    “Projared has gifted 5 subs to viewers” can we get an F in chat?

  39. You shouldn't play this game with a guide. It takes out the fun. Only use it when you are really stuck

  40. 14:43 same hank those feet picks

  41. 4:18:56 Even Speedwagon is surprised!

  42. 1:06:00

    oh hey it's the cheating asshole

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