New UBC Mortgage Broker Exam Prep- Free Chapter 2

UBC Chapter 2 – Mortgage Broker Act – UBC Exam Questions
The Mortgage Broker Act chapter is a foundational chapter for your exam.
If you are serious about passing UBC exam and do not want to waste time with UBC books, follow the GOBC method and you will be licensed in just a few months

If you would like to get free cheat sheets and practice quizzes for this chapter, please log in to GOBC online portal, create your free login and you will have full access to the first 4 chapters.

GOBC Real Estate 3 days FREE TRIAL:
Inside this FREE TRIAL you will find:
-How to submit the UBC assignments fast and easy.
-Open full simplified Law and Math chapters.
-Avoid making these Mistakes to PASS the UBC Real Estate Exam.
-On boarding video. In 5 min, you will understand GOBC fast track method.
-How to register with UBC video.
-Basic requirements and step by step guide to get licensed.
-GOBC app FULL course on the go. (Android/iPhone/Ipad)
-Quizzes where you can see your scores and see if you are ready for the exam.
-One free mock exam for students who want to test their knowledge.
-English proficiency requirement CELPIP guide.
-GOBC prices and Registration.

Download a FREE checklist ” 20 Questions you MUST ask before choosing Fastrack School in BC”:

UBC Mortgage Broker Exam Course –

You will learn how to become a Mortgage Broker in BC and how to get a mortgage broker license
How to Become a Real Estate Agent in BC
How to Become a Rental Property Manager in BC
How to Become a Strata Manager in BC

“In the process of 18 years, I have learned every trick UBC uses to fail students. I’d like to share my key secrets and mistakes you must avoid so you can pass your exam in a matter of weeks” – Yaana (Founder of GOBC)

My goal is to share strategies on how you can get licensed in BC Canada without studying UBC books and finish the course in 10-week time.

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My name’s Yaana and on this channel, I show you everything you need to know about real estate in BC: how to get licensed, how to sell, tips on how to pass, mistakes to avoid, real estate market updates, objections handling, and the info that the new agent will require.

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    Hi Team, thank you as always for the amazing info.

    Could you advise if there is any course/workshop I can enroll to get started with Mortgage advisor's role.

    (so that you may know, I am a new immigrant and just landed a week before. Since, I was working in IT sector in India, I have no prior knowledge about MA and pertaining industry)


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