New UPDATE: Attorneys for the family of Secoriea Turner are filing a lawsuit against the city

A lawyer representing Secoriea Turner’s family announced the family is filing a lawsuit against city of Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Wendy’s, and others.


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  1. So a black man kills your 8 yr old that you had at a riot. You knew Rioting was happening and you still drove your child to that area!!!! I think the parents should be charged

  2. joseph omally

    This makes about as much sense as a dog chasing its own tail!

  3. why not go after BLM as well.

  4. margarita brannon

    This is what happens when the democrat mayor wants to appease BLM and the democrats hoping to get a position in Biden’s cabinet and going after police doing their job. You get a democrat shithole city just like the other cities controlled by democrats. That girls blood is on your hands Keisha and I hope you remember her every day for the rest of your life

  5. The city allowed rabid mobs to rule the streets, then yes, they are 100% at fault. All to get Joe Biden elected.

  6. Wake up people

  7. Blue mayors allowing mobs to riot

  8. How about suing the people that fired the shots? Oh wait, they probably don't have any $ but the city does. While it was unfortunate she was shot, the mother bears some responsibility by trying to go around the barricades. As for the police not providing protection, either you want the police to provice " Re – imaginary " services or you want actual policing, make a choice.

  9. I had no idea you could send a memo to the police to tell them to stay away from an area where you were going to do something. WoW ! That's a game changer right there!


  11. All American

    I think keisha is fully responsible for the tragedy

  12. We have only one option here "get it in BLOOD", if your life doesn't mean shit to you to stand up and fight for it why should money????????????????

  13. BassMastaBates

    So you want police or you don't want police?

  14. Let BLM pay it!!!!!

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