New UPDATE: Darriynn Brown's Attorney Believes He Is SCHIZOPHRENIC 4yo Cash Gernon

Interesting how his Attorney keeps swaying back and forth like Chris Watts did.

This video is for educational purposes

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  1. Jimeva Crime Time

    The attorney defending the man suspected in the recent kidnapping and murder of a 4-year old boy in Dallas believes his client suffers from schizophrenia.

  2. Johnny Cuddy

    Well, The baby ended up dead in the street, not to mention he tried to take a little girl!!

  3. Latoya Holland

    U can tell that is not that black boy n the video clear as day u can tell that is that white boy with a hoodie just play attention please cause that black boy have dreads and u can tell that the heights r different and plus the mom was sleeping with that young black kid and i am not making it a race thing but pay attention please its clear as day

  4. Renee Calvert

    That monster knew what he was doing…poor cash is the victim here, also his brother, who will suffer for ever 🙏🕊

  5. Still no excuse…

  6. Design Works

    This attorney looks as crazy as DB. Damn these people are all crazy.

  7. I've always loved this channel but I miss her voice. Everyone whos been a sub for nearly 3 yrs knows who I'm talking about. We miss you!!!! Your vids are still fantastic though!

  8. TM Williamson

    I believe that's him on camera and he definitely did it. Don't fault the lawyer though, he's doing his job. Might not agree but it's the law for him to represent his client.

  9. Just heartbreaking. Why are so many children being murdered. There is no excuse. You take a child's life, they take your's.. RIP sweet baby Cash you didn't deserve this. May God be with you..❤️😇 May God please watch over his brother and bring him peace.💞

  10. diamond starr

    The autopsy is going to tell it all but we still have weeks before we hear about that and it’s sad. I want full justice for Cash! All involved will soon come out. IMO there is going to be a twist in the story because in the night time footage it seems to me Cash was lifeless like already deceased, that’s just my opinion. This story is way deeper than we’re being shown.

  11. Just love how the MSM wants to push a certain narrative. With leading words such as "with Sherrod identifying it was Brown on the camera.." No. We can all see that for ourselves. "..the grandfather only pressing charges months after.." It is his choice, that's why we have laws to cover stuff like that. " He is looking forward to defending his client." So are we, so are we. " Taking Cash out of the crib. Then what happened?" Damn. Watch the video. "I want to prove he is schizophrenic." Damn. Thought you said he didn't do it? Either it is not him on the camera or it is. Can't pick both as a defense.

  12. This lawyer is a freaking idiot. Who hired him?😂😭


    Wut a clusterfuck. We are doomed.

  14. Chanyell Bruner

    He sound as dumb as he look!! Also he ought to be trying to get him help and maybe locked up in a state hospital instead of trying to get him off WHY TF WOULD U WANT HIM WALKING THE STREETS KNOWING GOOD AND WELL HE DID THAT!!! Ugh this attorney sickens me and even more sad Is that a white maaannn could never ever sit back and say that about his white client who grabbed a black child out of his crib and came back couple of hours later to grab the twin!! Man stop it!! A good ATTORNEY WOULD BE TRYING TO GET HIM THE HELP HE NEEDS… trying to get him to walk amongst us is utterly strange and incompetent!!!!

  15. Chanyell Bruner

    If races were reversed!! Man!!!

  16. Terry Dawley

    The lawyers basically giving him to defenses one it wasn't him in the video two if he's caught for that baby was a schizophrenic

  17. Terry Dawley

    You hear the same thing over and over again whenever somebody take somebody else's life that they have some kind of mental illness my Outlook is anybody who can kill somebody does have a mental illness does that mean they should get less time or get off hell no

  18. That is defiantly “Brown” in both video’s but i also think that family in that house to part in this

  19. Crafty 420 Momma

    Personally the guy at night looks like the brother and feel like this boy was framed

  20. Rachel Conoscienti

    He still knows right from wrong. Why else would he kill him, throw him in the street after molesting him in the woods. I've heard that the other twin Connor? Was told to be quiet and stay asleep when his brother is taken out of his bed, he'll be back. Gernon was said to have been sexually abused for awhile, and the girlfriend is on drug's. SMFH. This could have been prevented if the dad didn't leave the boy's with her while he hauled his drug addict ass out of town. There's absolutely NO excuse for what happened. I don't know what tf they were doing in that house, but it's very suspicious. The girlfriend allegedly was trying to get money from this and do a Go Fund Me…. WHAT? So, you can buy more drug's and do God knows what. Just glad that the other brother was taken from her, and I feel like she should be charged with something, child endangerment, child neglect, sexual abuse to a child, etc. She knew what was going on, they all did. I just want to throw tf up. Every day a baby goes missing, or killed, and they are so young, most lately under the age of 5. This is getting crazy! Please, watch your child/children at all times!! It just takes seconds for someone to kidnap a child. Also, watch other babies and their family. Thing's like this happens every day right under our noses. So many people are sick and the bad thing about it is that we don't know who they are!! RIP Baby Boy!!! You can't be hurt anymore, Sweetie!!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️

  21. Brimley Rose

    So they say it’s not him but if it is he’s Schizophrenic…… it seems like if it’s not him you don’t need to worry about having a defense but yet they are putting out a defense so are they saying it is him. What a joke. It’s on video. It’s him.

  22. Evil is evil and doesn't make you insane just evil!!!

  23. Patricia Perry-Higgins

    Lock them all up!!!!!!!!

  24. Andrew Almarez

    His attorney sounds schizophrenic to

  25. Theresa Wilcox

    look at that house something not right with this picture it looks like in one of these picture that he is looking at someone like he is being coached into picking that baby up the child could have already been dead when he picked him up out of the crib because the child looks limp oh what a tangle web we weave when we pratice to decive and why would some one have some one around their child by theirselves and you know he got a promble somebody set that boy up look a bit deeper look at the room and the windows this baby was not living in no good conditions this house looks like a durg house

  26. Crystal Love

    One thing that I hate so much is lots of lawyers know their client is guilty and they still take their case to try to prove that they’re not I hate that I think it’s sick. Is it really worth the money it’s freaking ridiculous

  27. Jerry jr n momma Cole

    This attorney is delusional

  28. Theresa Wilcox

    man come on we can see that is him I understand he crazy but it is more to this story and it is so sad of what iis happening to all these children the young ones and the old ones what is really going on in thios world and I don't want to hear nothiong about no damn demons no one inthis world can answer this question cause no one knows

  29. Sylvia Torrez

    I really feel that brown is guilty but so are the rest of the people in the house. It looks like a trap house. Like they used cash to make a GoFundMe campaign. Monica was twacked on her interview! The son had no remorse in his walkthrough of the house it all looked staged. What about the rest of their indoor cameras. What about Monica's father's FB posts?!

  30. tereasa carty

    That is Brown in the video! But was it the same day or from another time being he lived in the house? Too many children dieing!

  31. Inspired Dreamer

    Why did the mental facility release him??? They should be sued !!! Or shut down !!!

  32. Inspired Dreamer

    I think they were all on drugs.

  33. Noshura Begum

    Do we even know if the second video in day was taken on the same morning cash was kidnapped? if it doesn’t have a time stamp that could’ve been taken any previous day as he was in and out of that house all the time and the video has been edited.

  34. Tiffenany Arce

    Well his parents should have gotten Help for him that's no Excuse

  35. He could still be guilty by reason of insanity and be sent to a Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane instead of regular prison. The Criminally Insane Hospitals are the only big Psychiatric Hospitals left in America since Ronald Reagan closed all the Psychiatric big hospitals for mentally sick individuals who were not criminals in the 1970-1880s. Most psychiatrists feel that was a huge mistake.

  36. Veronica Magbie

    I dont believe he broke in
    I believe. he was taking the boy to someone. He seemed to be holding him to hand him off to someone. I am almost convinced the first person was not him.

  37. Divine Katalin

    Sick people doing sick things to children will Rot in the Hell they created for themselves.

  38. Speak The Word Bible Study

    The second video he looks taller… and like he is caring for the boy. Very odd…

  39. Focus on the hair in both videos, tight narrow spirals. Look at the sons hair, long loose curls.

  40. sαԵαղícօ թαղժҽตօղíմต

    This case really creeps me out. Brown is guilty no doubt it was him in both videos.

  41. Many of you in the comments would find interesting, look up JCS criminal psychology on youtube. he posted a video of infamous criminals “pretending to be crazy,” and dissects their interrogation footage informatively

  42. star sparkles

    And then he killed him

  43. If Darriynn's attorney is gonna try to get that monster out of being held accountable for Cash's murder, then they'll rot in hell together!!!

  44. If Darriynn's attorney is gonna try to get that monster out of being held accountable for Cash's murder, then they'll rot in hell together!!!

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