New Update on "Pops": I surprise him with over $6,500! – Donations from all of you to him! Thank you!

Many of you have fallen in love with Pops, as I have. He is a patient of mine who has big blackheads that we have been extracting. During this process, we have all learned how tough his life has been lately, dealing with the death of his dear wife, and all the financial and emotionally difficulties he has been going through, having to move to an assisted living facility, which he hates.
Well, this popaholic community has donated over $6,500 so far to his Gofundme account, and you have written him so many lovely notes of support and love from all over the world! Because of YOU, he has been able to afford to leave the assisted living facility and go back to live in the home that he shared with his wife.
Thank you for your kindness, thank you for your support. You have made his life a little more comfortable today. Love you guys!

You can still donate!


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  1. susan sollee

    😢👍🏻💕🌻🙏🏻love you Pops.

    Doc 👍🏻💕

  2. Why can’t I watch all the videos?

  3. Cap't Wee the Barmy

    Is there an update on him? Does he still go to Dr. Lee does he still get bad blackheads??

  4. Kenneth L. Feltman

    Dr Sandra Lee you are a good woman. It’s so great to see there good people. God bless you and thank you you made my day…

  5. Oh my goodness this brought tears to my eyes. He seems like such a sweet man. Broke my heart

  6. Omg, melt my heart. He is the sweetest thing ever. You are such a good person Dr.Lee…and I believe you have touched more lives then you will ever know.💕

  7. So generous of people do help, even by sending their best wishes ❤️

  8. Karen Durden

    It is wonderful what you did for Pop. I'm 70 almost 71 and I'm stuck in the house. Most of the time my bedroom on oxygen. I thought I was prepared for retirement. Paid off my home and car but there are always thing we can't for see. Its very depressing. Thank you for helping one of us.

  9. Marissa (maroosk)

    Wonderful care❤

  10. Kristal Lindsey

    Can someone tell me how much the go fund me raised and if pops is still alive?

  11. Kristal Lindsey

    Omg😭 when he said shes not over there instant tears

  12. ❤️

  13. stella maris montejano

    #drsandralee por favor porqué están tristes? En español por favor 🙏🏻


    RIP Pops, you are with your wife now. Be in heaven with your nice soft skin and smile. Say hello to momma.

  15. Michelle Petersen

    Your such a sweet person pops. My prayers to you hun. So wished I could reach out and give you a big hug through this screen. Your such an inspiration Dr Lee ❤️

  16. Camilla Catty Wilhelmsson

    Oh this makes me tears of happiness!

  17. Fernande Joseph


  18. epicswagger69

    this made me cry, this is so sad and i’m glad he’s getting these wonderful messages and donations.. 🥺💖

  19. Dalieide Carvalho branco

    Off omg ok Love

  20. Timeless Hour

    Unfortunately, America is notorious for dumping parents and grandparents in assisting living places. All that arrogance of being the greatest nation, all that pride for being the first world—but can't take care of the elder, but the elders in third-world countries, in general, live their last days with family.

  21. Lo Mejor De La Musica Cristiana

    I actually started crying when he started to cry

  22. schrodingerskitten

    I love all of that but I dont like that hes being recorded without him knowing. That quite make me mad . Like those people that record themselves (without saying the other person) hipocritically giving money to homeless for appreciation, likes and views .
    It's like exploit him for money and views makinh a video about him of such this sensible matter of his life without him knowing

  23. Lana Ridgway

    It always makes me cry. To watch Pops in to listen to him. And even though I Cry I watch it time and time and time again. I hope somebody loves me that much when I'm old.

  24. Pops Story videos are marked private also! This sucks!!!

  25. I am just seeing this now in 2020….I am hoping “Pops” is doing well. Health wise and that he is happy…Anyone has an update on this gentle soul? God Bless you “Pops” wherever you are, Sir….Prayers send your way from Canada.🙏🏼❤️🍀👋🏼🇨🇦

  26. Léonie Gáva

    Where are all pops videos? 😭

  27. I swear am only cutting onions. Ohh pops wish you well. We love you. Xx

  28. April Morris

    I've watched this video with Pops at least a dozen times and it still brings me to tears. 😭 The love he feels for his late wife is obvious, as is his loss. All too often love that transcends EVERYTHING is thought of as a weakness, when in fact it's a real Super Power. 💪🏋️‍♂️ The respect I feel for Pops (and for Dr. Lee, too) is immense. 🥰

  29. joseyyy willsin

    good morning baby girl how are you feeling today

  30. Suzanne Donovan

    Awwww sweetheart…. 💖

  31. Wendy Deshazo

    Sandra I thank you for showing and caring enough to show compassion to our Senior Citizens. Your a very special lady and Doctor. I wish Pops the best and I know God is watching over you both.

  32. Dave Raya Sr.

    I already loved this channel but now this brings it to a whole new level! You are great!

  33. This video touched my heart right at the soul…reminded me of my dad so it bought tears to my eye. God bless all the people who helped Pops <3

  34. Family First

    I cried. He misses his lady. His wife. His world.
    Every where he goes. It reminds him of her..
    I get it. After being with someone for yearssssss that's all you see is you and her ..
    Human kindness.
    Take care..

  35. Amazingly special

  36. 😭😭😭😭😭 just came here for the pimples now this !!😭😭😭😭

  37. Michele Huffman

    Poor guy. Good luck, Pops!

  38. Now I’m crying. I love you Pops… God Bless you ❤️

  39. Hannah Cress

    This is so very kind.

  40. Good on you Sandra … Pop is an amazing man so sweet X X 😘❤️

  41. Elisha Gordon

    Awww this made me cry. Such a sweet lady.

  42. Supakrit Khongvittaya -


  43. I feel his lose. I lost my husband of 42 years 15 mos. ago. Still not recovered from it. No life insurance, tough financial situation. So happy that he was able to receive some help from all of those kind people.

  44. This woman is a angel..she has a show that is good and she helps people and seems loke a good wife

  45. nickinunu Dalby

    God crying so much xx

  46. nickinunu Dalby

    Ahhh I love him xxx

  47. I love pops! I wish I could take his pain away from losing his wife. I just love how people came together for a stranger. My favourite! Thank you Dr. Sandra Lee for being so amazing.

  48. She is an amazing person. What a sweetheart she is.

  49. I just gotta ask, why didn't his sons help him? 🙄

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