New USA Immigration Updates With Jaspreet Singh Attorney At Law

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USA Immigration Updates With Jaspreet Singh Attorney At Law
Jaspreet Singh Attorney At Law (New York and California) Over 20 years of legal experience as a lawyer in the USA We Specialize in Handling Immigration, Deportation, Defense, Appeals, Family Law, and Bankruptcy If you have any question contact us at New York 1-917-915-4142, 1-718-533-8444, Fresno 1-559-271-5511 Or Fremont 1-510-657-6444
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  1. Sir I am from India .mere husband usa citizen ne. Mere husband ne July 2020 ch mera apply kita c ..I recieved i797c letter aug toh bad koi update ni hoi ..hor kina time lage ga .sir plz tell me

  2. Ssa sir, Italy ton usa layi E2 visa vaste minimum kini investment karn di jarurat hai 50,000$ to 80,000$ di Investiment kar sakde ha ya nahi? Please reply🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Ssa sir
    I saw your videos on youtube.

    Me and my wife apply in march 2019 for U.S.A. medical visa.

     we got the visa,at that time we told that my daughter will not travel with us.but unfortunately daughter not stay with their grandparents then i apply for daughter u.s visa and got refused.. 

    Then we travel U.S.A in june 2019 meet the doctor and come back.. after 2 month we apply again for daughter U.S. visa.. again refused..

     How i can get my daughter visa?
    I want to go U.S.A with my daughter and wife for my treatment.My daughter is 4 year old. Me and my wife have visa. 


    When i apply for my daughter visa and pls suggest me what to do.. ??

  4. Sir actually sadi f4 2006 da apply kita aa n hun sanu september ch viah aa USA te sanu visitor visa mil skda? Meri massi ne apply kita aa sada .. ohna de munde da viah aa .. j mil skda aa tn kehnu kehnnu mil skda

  5. @pavisidhupb08:Plz koi hall h menu koi ta workparmt mil jave menu msg kar ke daso plz

  6. @pavisidhupb08:Didi menu 8 sal ho gye h ithy mera clock close ho gya c es liye menu aj ta workparmt ni milya 2019 vich Mera case deined ho gya c hun mai dubra applie.

  7. Good job sir Please tell me sir spouse interview, it is only in Mumbai or there is any other option for it.

  8. sir sada f42007 da apply hai asi hun spouncer mangvana chahunde aa ki sanu visa mil jauga

  9. Hello sir Sade brother ne Apply apply Kita si 2005 batch 29 December nu kado paper niklan di hop a?

  10. sir f2a category visa de kine chances hunde aa visa lain lyi interview vich plz reply..thank you sir

  11. Sir Sade sister neb2006 august ch apply kitee hoye ne please dsdo kinaa time hor laggu bhut aukha hoya pya please dsdo🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Mam my cetegory is f1
    My dad applied in december 4
    In 2012
    He got nationality un 2018
    My category is f1
    During this period after ucsis approved my documents
    I got marrid nd in few months my husband devourced me
    Now my dq was fone in 20 feb 2020
    Wot should i do
    M i single or unmarrid or after devource my cetegory or ststus will be changed
    All happen during pandamic
    I have devourced paper
    Nd i m dq nd in a line to interview
    My marriage is not registered online
    Its just on plane paper without any registrartion.
    Let m know sir wot to do

  13. Hello sir gee. Mera sawal ye hai f4 case mein Green card ki fees. Kitni huti hai or interview sawal kya pochtey hein … Plz tell me