New [Vinesauce] Vinny – Gnorts does a FLEEP to celebrate $100k in donations

from Alien Games ► (Video not on Fullsauce yet)

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  1. i laughed hard as hell when i saw this segment live. really good stream

  2. Glad Vinny is embracing his destiny as a vtuber.

  3. Man, that was an amazing stream from start to finish, always super inspiring to see just how much gets raised year after year

  4. Hi, how are you?

    I see gnorts is in high spirits after his vinewrestle win

  5. Lightning Cayo

    Wouldn’t mind seeing more Gnorts someday. FLEEP

  6. FleepeelF

  7. Zurgo Pussysmasher

    The only Vtuber I'll stan for.


  9. Franniel Martinez

    Wait… Gnort is now a Vtuber?…


  10. We need a gnorts, jabroni chan and pen gal hanging out stream

  11. Shen Doodles

    It’s the long-awaited face reveal

  12. Torrey Whiting

    I can't belive there's gonna be another HololiveEN member

  13. Cory Phillips

    👽That Gnorts, what a talented Alien Lad he is, I'm happy Vinny taught him the FLEEP, so kind of him. 🤌

  14. mlp_Firewind

    I didn’t know I needed vtube gnorts but now I want nothing else in my life.

    Well except vtube vdub, I would also accept that as like a one off bit.

  15. i am pain hepler

    when Joel turns on front camera on phone

  16. [ecki]tronix

    Gnorts singlehandedly destroyed the competition and this is but one reason why

  17. TrogledyWretched

    I can't believe i was just there to see them go from 100k to 150k in JUST Vinny's stream.

    Such is the power of the fleep

  18. Signum Eternis

    I can't believe Vinny, I mean Gnorts, had the biggest Vtuber debut today.

  19. Like father like son

  20. Lankus McDankus

    It seems not only Hololive council was debuting today

  21. TheAdaptableAnkle

    Vtuber Vinny

  22. Cooksie, you missed this?!

  23. Leaky Urinal

    pitched up vinny sounds like the main character in a 90s disney comedy movie

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