New Volunteer Attorney: Patent Pro Bono Program

An interview with an attorney on how to apply to volunteer and what to expect.

Video 5 of 7 about the USPTO Patent Pro Bono program. Learn more about this program at

This video is also viewable at


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  1. 😫free Lawyers that won’t sign nondisclosure agreements probably get paid on the back end and our father who art in heaven says put my trust in no man !!!!!! SMFH…

  2. My Husband needs a ProBono lawyer for his Appeal which has been overturned in the Courts

  3. Hi I was wondering can you help me I'm in California my kids mother passed away two years ago I need a pro bono lawyer the grandmother is trying to take my kids away and I need help ASAP please help

  4. Tan Chew Charn

    Good Job. I am Tan from Singapore.

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