New WazirX gets ED show cause notice | Crypto News 2021 | Crypto Scam

WazirX gets ED show cause notice | Crypto News 2021 | Crypto Scam

WazirX money-laundering probe: Yet to receive ED notice, compliant with all laws, says crypto exchange



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  1. Mangilal Suthar

    मैम मेरा 50%लॉस हो चुका है वजीरएक्स में क्या करूं निकल जाऊं या रहने दू अभी

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  5. darshan Kalantri

    Can u make a video on sip in crypto..?

  6. Sharif Mumtaz

    Nice suggestion 👍 ji..

  7. Abhishek Soni


  8. Notice nahi mila hai Didi abhi tak

  9. Complete scam, will see different comments by end of this month

  10. insaniyat zindabad

    India main paisa kamane ka thekaa sirf 2 family ke pass hi ho gaya hai
    Baki gareeb hi maro

  11. sunil shirur 123

    Mam can u pls do video on highlights of Miami BTC event..,

  12. Mohammed Rizwan

    Then y r v paying gst for every diposit v do on wazirx

  13. Vishal Chaudhry

    I just I have one question, will you support the exchange complying with ED backed by the worlds biggest exchange or will you invest in an that gives 100rs ka “free bitcoin”? 😹

  14. Anjum Shaikh

    Say something about BTT


    Good news hai ye neha ji 👍

  16. Sarmila Guha


  17. Karnekantoju Kishore

    Good information mam.

  18. gamerAddict khalidsk

    Wazirx safe h aap log penic na ho paise hold rakhe

  19. Good information with facts 💐💐👍

  20. Surinder Singh

    Great knowledge mam I feel more rlax now


    Afvaopar dhyn na de😂

  22. Kiya hua baby

  23. kuch nehi hoga.paisa bolta hai.

  24. Markit down kyu chal raha ha up kab hoga plz reply???

  25. U r doing great job Di ❤️👍

  26. Kuj days k liye WazirX close ho jayega…. Jab tak ED जांच kregi
    So abhi invest mat kro WazirX me

  27. वायलेंट सेंट


  28. shubham Gurjar


  29. kundan singh

    You have told very well, the more you can be praised is less.

  30. Devendra Thakre

    Very nice medam


    Wazirx is safe

  32. Amazing Chapter

    Market down h 😂

  33. MUSKAN TAILOR, nawabganj

    Super 👌👌 nice 👍👍mem🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. Ansari Meghuwala


  35. Esmy koi panic hony vali baat nhi hai balkii wazirx bht badhiyaa kamm kr raha hai rules regulations k hisab se chal raha hai orr data bhi government koo show kr raha hai I'm heppy crypto is coming soon next revolution

  36. Hello Vanced

    Dream11 kya hai

  37. Rajesh Adhikari

    you are great advisor DIDI keep it up

  38. TheCloudExpert

    Ma'am power bank app ko karao aap log investigate 🙂

  39. Panic hone ka koi mtlb nhi hai jbb wazirx k pass saara data transection available hai

  40. Satrughna Jena

    Hold kre ya sell kare

  41. suman sharma

    U r sooo cool still watching u

  42. Satrughna Jena

    Mam humra paisa adhi ho gai he. . Hom kya kare. Please tell me

  43. Nitish Gupta

    Bhot badhiya video…Ise kehte hai tarika video bnane ka….maine twitter par follow kia hai aapka video..roz dekhta hu…..very good…keep going….

  44. Sumit Malangi

    Madam can u tell us which app is safe for users, wazirx or coinswitch kuber? Please make a video.

  45. Love you mam😍😍 thanks for information


    We support you and wazirex

  47. Manish Panwar

    Mam I am new in this Cryptocurrency. I love watching your content. You are not like others. You give real information & value.

    Publish more & more valuable content 🙏

  48. Aditya thakur

    Thanks nice video

  49. Vikram Singh

    Clicked just to hear your voice… Like the way you speak… Neha!

  50. I love you too baby

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