New WE BOUGHT A HOUSE rent free mortgage free | Moving to Sweden | Goodbye Medicine and Law #3

We really bought a house, rent free mortgage free. We moved to Sweden and we are saying goodbye to medicine and law for a while


The Naomi and Jack Show – 30/07/2020
WE BOUGHT A HOUSE rent free mortgage free | Moving to Sweden | Goodbye Medicine and Law
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What’s up everyone, we are Naomi and Jack 👋

We are a young married couple who are all about personal growth. Every day we are growing in our relationship and our marriage; we are growing and expanding our mindsets and outlook on life; we are growing in our faith and growing in pursuit of our alignment with the universe; we are growing our knowledge through our studies in medicine and law, and, of course, we are growing our finances!

So if you are into relationships, entrepreneurship, finances, personal growth and fun then you are in the right place!

The Naomi and Jack Show is all about sharing our journey with you and building a community of people who can support one another and grow together.

Lots of love
Naomi and Jack



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Naomi and Jack got married in Summer of 2019. Naomi is a Medical Student at King’s College London, currently doing an intercalated BSc in Global Health. Jack is a King’s College London graduate, having studied Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. Jack is currently studying Law at BPP University doing the GDL. Jack has secured a training contract with Magic Circle law firm Clifford Chance.

Naomi and Jack are both natural entrepreneurs and currently are working on two business ideas. In addition to this Jack is a Data Analyst for King’s College London, working part-time alongside his studies.

We believe our purpose in life is to make big, positive change in the world.


Any questions? [email protected]

Naomi’s Instagram – naomicbc
Jack’s Instagram – jack.cbc

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  1. Alex Williams

    I am really glad I found you guys. I feel like I am hearing myself. Be happy in all that you aspire. You guys make me proud. Jack, you're a man amongst men your thought process is on point. Enjoy your adventure. Let God guide your path. Naomi you're a phenomenal woman, I love you guys.

  2. Dannyhammerx

    I REALLLY want to know, what are your cost per month/year.

  3. Jasmine loves christ

    Your kid is literally going to have the best life.

  4. BlaqueBritishCute29

    Now with Corona looking as though it might continue into 2022 or 2023, I wonder if they will come back in 2021 at all…

  5. Nothing is wasted!

  6. Rebecca Bahama

    The millionaire/lawyer discussion was a bit long and to some extent obnoxious!…

  7. Holo Holopainen

    Nice & Well Done ! You should Get More Popular – You have No Idea – Who is Watching You ! Get an P.O Box – for Fan Mail ! Everybody knows – That LIFE IS HARD UP THERE – and You NEED / MAIL to Bring You some FUN ! This is HINT for FREE – and to Get More People to Watch ALL THIS ! I have Watched INTO THE WILD Videos – and EVERYBODY wants to walk to This REMOTE #142 BUS at FAIRBANKS ALASKA !

  8. Love what your doing
    Would love to do the same when finance changes


  10. Phoenix Wiseman

    Aaaawww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so touching

  11. The old ways 1

    I am happy for you guys.
    I am wrecking my mind how to move from the Netherlands to Swedish lapland. I am positive and determined. I also want to buy a house on a piece of land, no mortgage. But O have no money. I am on welfare because of physical trauma. So I haven't worked for years because of it. It was really, really bad. My goal for this year is to move to Sweden and live from my art. I cannot do "regular" work. But who is going to give a loan to someone without any savings.
    I do feel that I will "find" a way in. I do hope so. I want this house to be my forever home. I am a good deal older than you are. It really is now or never. 🙏🏼 Who know, we could be neighbors 😊 So cool of you guys. I really hope all works out for you. God bless.

  12. Tatenda Pasipanodya

    I have to constantly watch you guys because I am in process of making a huge move…to a far away country, starting my own business and just going for it. Please keep posting and encouraging us …I need it.You are a God sent..

  13. Andreas Duess

    I am originally from Germany, met my wife living in London, we got married and decided to take a year off to travel and explore. After a year, we decided that we wanted to explore further afield and a year later we found ourselves in Canada. Fast forward 14 years and we got three awesome kids and are Canadian citizens. The jump is always scary, but it is so worth it. I adored my time in the UK, but I am ever so glad to not live there anymore with all this Brexit nonsense going on.

  14. Guys i love you 🙂 amazing couple , positive vibe and you are so funny. Im glad i come across yr channel. I also decided to buy house in sweden with my finance. Next year we will get one. All the best on ur journey

  15. Are you going to make any more lip balm? I can’t find it on Etsy or Amazon anymore. I’m ready to try your product

  16. I wish you and your husband all of the best.

  17. what are the names of the swedish estate agents to follow again to find these houses ? my pc got virused so i had to wipe my hard drives and i lost everything that i had logged into before ………

  18. So great

  19. Pablo Francia

    Great adventure! Keep it up guys!

  20. Alberta Owusu

    Whoooop whoooo. You are soooo brave.💐💐💐👏👏👏👏💜💜💜

  21. Any advice to find job in sweden
    Im from uk and I’m interested bout this country for long thanks

  22. Karma Ballah

    You guys bring me joy. You have my full support

  23. Medcine schools in Sweden 100 times better than in England. People better than in England. And so England left EU, this is bad thing will be for England.

  24. Miriam Kling

    It is so much fun to watch your life and journey. God bless you.

  25. Adrian Anderson

    This is very inspiring. Thank you for this. It has given me hope to follow my aspirations and dreams

  26. Dear Jack…be very careful what you wish for. You say you have nothing. At 26 you've found the love of your life, you own a mortgage free home, your starting a business that may take off. Be very certain you love Law and being a lawyer…and usually new lawyers have to work long, hard hours with low reward for a while. And if you are not passionate about it, truly love it all the money in the world will be meaningless. Having money doesn't equal success at all. I was around your age, got a great big money job and within 3 years was divorced and burnt out and hated my life. I went for money over my passion. I quit and followed my dream of being an artist. I've had very little money since then (many years ago). And I have had joy, love, incredible adventures, great friends and peace of mind. Please stop saying you don't have anything. Count your blessings young man. Everything you have done and experienced is leading you to your hearts desire 💕 Listen to your heart and follow your joy. Blessings to you both.💟 "Feel the fear and do it anyway."

  27. Monaliza Menorca- Austin

    Hi Naomi and Jack, try having a holiday here in Philippines 😊

  28. Elisabetta BH

    I like your energy! Subscribe now. How did you found the house? Agency?

  29. Jack, we need to have a life philosophy conversation i see.
    You are somewhat on the very right track, you are clearly a very able man as is you wife a very able woman of taking care of yourself.
    You are putting way to much scare into your dreams.

    popquis, do you wanna slave away 12 hours a day for the rest of your life for having that little extra money,
    or do you wanna live a more simple life and still comfortably make it while only work 4 hours a day and spend the rest of your tme on your family and loved ones.

    When you´re about 50 you will 100% know the answer….
    Dig deep and try to figure it out for yourself and you will see you allready have the answer….
    Simple as that.

    You can do your lawthing from home at lets say 25K£ a year at very low hours,
    and Naomi can follow her Medic dreams at part time for about the same amount of money a year here, and that would make you very rich in these parts.
    Especially considering your outcome visavi income…..

  30. Making a 100K a year Jack??? geeez, you only need to work for 5 years then you can retire up here for the rest of your life 🙂
    Truth be told, you can easily survive here making only 18K a year since your house is paid for and if you can swallowing the "humiliation" of owning a 8 year old car 🙂
    Come on now, 100K £ a year thats like winning the Eurojackpot money up here.
    That is some ridiculous money, that not many swedes makes at all.
    Prime minister of Sweden makes about that money i kid you not…………………….

    It is not the amount of money you make that makes you rich,
    it is how low cost you are running aswell. My total costs every month includin rent bills food and fuel for the car is about 600£

    You get my point here????
    You clearly can see how far 100K £ would get me.
    7200£ a year……….72000£ 10 years…………. 720,000 100 Years……. Point proven beyond infinity…..
    that gives you 100% freedom from slavery/working only focusing on yourself and the loved one for the rest of your life,
    without the need to wake up 5:30 every morning to go to a job you really dont need anyways.
    99,9% doesnt make you more of a man/woman/person anyways…..

    However if you have a hobby that you truly love and can make money of it, then ofcourse keep doing it.
    Because in that case it will not feel like your obligated anyways.

    But the slightest hint you have of aaaah nooo i wanna sleep in and really don´t feel to go to work, thats the absolute first telltale your in the wrong line of work.
    And if you´ve got 100K plus after all taxes move here, and live ABSOLUTELY carefree for 100 years. sleep all day play all night or whatever you like to do.

  31. You probably made the best decision this year with Covid fiasco. Enjoy. Nothing you ever learn is wasted.

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