New What Attorneys Want from RNs: 5 Minimum Legal Nurse Consultant Qualifications

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In this video Vickie Milazzo discusses the 5 minimum qualifications attorneys look for in Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Are you curious whether you’ve got what it takes to consult with attorneys? Then go ahead, watch the video below to discover what attorneys want from Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.


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  1. I don't have but 3 years experience right now. I only have medical surgical background. Should I try other kinds of nursing before I go forward with CLCC?

  2. I have been a nurse for 18 years include med-surg, step downs, tele, trauma ICU nurse and float ICU including MICU,CTICU,SICU,NEURO ICU. LIVER TRANSPLANT NURSE. I EVEN WORKED IN THE OR/PACU. These jobs are for people with connections.

  3. I am just a pre nursing student right now, but for some big huge reason, I want to be a legal consultant as a registered nurse. I enjoy law so much. It’s so hard to be a lawyer but I wish I could be a lawyer. Who knows if it happens.. I am just continuing with RN studies and go for legal consultant.

  4. Please how do I get started with being a Legal Nurse Consultant? I have been an RN for 11 years and I have multiple degrees in Nursing.