New What If XRP Wins Or Loses Lawsuit? XRP news today-xrp price prediction-xrp vs sec-Attorney-Lawyer

What If XRP Wins Or Loses Lawsuit?xrp news today-xrp price prediction-xrp vs sec-Attorney-Lawyer

U.S. SEC brings Ripple (XRP) transactions under scrutiny.
The SEC requested further discovery in connection with XRP transactions, while Ripple keeps expanding their worldwide operations.
In the new request addressed to Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn on May 25th, SEC´s attorney Jorge Tenreiro asked for permission to conduct six additional depositions, including former Ripple employees and Christian Gil, co-founder of a crypto trading firm and liquidity provider GSR.
The SEC´s attorney Jorge Tenreiro also requested Ripple to produce the documents of five additional custodians.
The watchdog further required Ripple to produce information on its XRP transactions, post-dating the filing of its original complaint made in December and relating to its lobbying efforts.
According to the new filing, the SEC anticipates seeking a short extension of the current July 2 deadline for fact discovery, given “the amount of other discovery still outstanding.”
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