New What's a Mortgage?

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A little clip from my video Why do People Like Owning Homes?

“The only way to get a subscription is to subscribe.” – Albert Einstein

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  1. I haven't laughed quite as loudly as I did when I heard the term "Bank you very much" in a long time

  2. You missed a few things, the bank lends millions away to anybody purchasing products from companies where banks have big ownership, and the millions come in cash right from the buyer's 401K savings.
    Once the bank gets busted all the risk is on the buffer business (the bank) and the buyer ( the saver), while all the wealth was transfered to daddy

  3. Body build for 30 days (excluding rest days on Sunday) and show us the results/explain your experience! 💪🏿

  4. Meanwhile, my dyslexic a*s legit thought it was going to be some fusion of a Mortgage and a montage.

    Don't do severe learning disabilities kids, or if you do, use auto-correct and/or voice to text religiously

  5. Finaly someone! Everybody who owns a house asumes everybody else knows what a mortgage is and i guess it takes three Wheezys with wigs to explain it to me… Anyways, thank you so much Craig, i really apreciate it!

  6. Every wheezy video I watch fills me with nostalgia and makes me want to withdraw some money from the sky Bank to go swimming with stoned Micheal Phelps in the whale tank.

  7. Mortgage = giving the bank and government a TON (I cannot stress this enough — it's a ton) more money than the actual cost of your house. My mortgage is about $1300 a month. About $1000 of that goes to interest and taxes. In my opinion, unless you have a huge down payment or plan to never move again, there's barely a point to even owning a house.

  8. I would LOVE more explainy videos like this. This is fantastic, and feels a bit like old Wheezy. I love the new videos, but I do miss the crazy wigs and all the weird stuff.

  9. This should be part of a "how to adult" video series. Getting near 40 and still trying to figure adulting out! 🤣

  10. So did you really buy the house then…? Sounds a more complicated renting situation where you can do whatever you want to the property. I'm just a college student lol

  11. Sorry to sound like a sales pitch, but a Manulife Mortgage works a little differently. If you are good with your money, you can save yourself years of mortgage interest. Just sayin….

  12. I'm looking at purchasing a home. Mainly because what I am looking for I have yet to see available for rent. I want land. Bunches of it. Possibly even gobs.

  13. You should explain escrow accounts to ppl too. Banks most of the time put the insurance and taxes in the monthly payment. My bank was cool with me handling it on my own though because I had enough equity.

  14. I actually learned something. Never really understood what a mortgage was until now.

  15. You and Chyna are cool. I discovered you yesterday and have watched about ten of your videos already. Really enjoy both of your senses of humour. Thank you xx

  16. When you think that the hole's in the wall are dust particles on your screen.

  17. Liked this upon realizing it was going to be informative and under a minute.