New Whiplash Car Accident Settlements and Claims (Lawyer JZ)

Learn about whiplash claims from car accident lawyer Justin ‘JZ’ Ziegler. See the average whiplash injury settlement for car accidents.

Get fast fasts that you need to know. Learn how much is typically awarded for pain and suffering for whiplash.

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Applies to car, truck, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, pedestrian accidents, bike accidents and many other types of accidents.

You’ll hear about whiplash settlements with Progressive Insurance and other insurance companies. Auto accident attorney Justin “JZ” Ziegler has recovered millions (combined) in whiplash settlements.

Here are some time stamps for the video:

0:00 Intro
5:15 $20K Settlement for rollover car accident that caused whiplash

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Traffic accident lawyer Justin “JZ” Ziegler represents people hurt in accidents in Florida. Within 2 years after law school, he started his own personal injury law firm and settled hundreds of cases within just a few years. He still runs JZ helps, a Florida injury law firm, that is loved by its clients.

The JZ helps Youtube Channel is Justin’s way of providing as much value as possible by talking about personal injury claims and settlements in Florida. I do this by giving you information based on a 16 year career recovering money for accident victims hurt in Florida.

JZ has been interviewed on TV, interviewed by CNN and the Wall Street Journal, and quoted by Newspapers/Online News, including The Miami New Times and

JZ has represented people whose accidents received news coverage, including the Miami Herald and much more.


Call us at 888-594-3577 to see if I can represent you if someone caused your injury in Florida, or on a cruise or boat.

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  1. Im very confused about 30/60/30….what happens when the money runs out? does my lawyer sue my own insurance company? the other driver was at fault and my car was totled she ran the red light

  2. A coworker and myself are going through similar injuries, only difference is I’m going thru workers comp because I was on the clock when I got injured and he was not. I am currently on modified duty and he is not working at all. Similar injuries include 2 herniated disc at L4-s1.. with me they have not approved a single epidural shot after going back and forth with the adjuster from workers comp or any sort of real treatment to help with the lower back pain or migraines. The coworker outside workers comp already has had surgery done and is being taken care of. I am not on disability because the owner of the company provided work for my injuries, in reality is the job title “dispatcher” I’m an have technician. The other guy is at home getting paid weekly with no worries.

  3. I want to warn everyone the lawyer will get most of the $ and they hire high dollar Dr's therefore what you get is very little and you will have to pay the Dr's and all the treatment. So if you dont get much you will owe loads of $ to the dr's and treatment centers. It's all a $ scam. They dont care about you they just want the $. Oh and if you get better the chiropractor will make sure they reinjure you again why? Because it's all about more $ that you dont get but they get. It's a scam.

  4. I have just one question I did get rear ended about a month ago now still hurt here and there neck pains sometimes head aches my car was totaled she didn't slow down but it took forever too get her insurance and name info about 2 3 weeks because she spoke Spanish which I couldn't as well as the officer who spoke too her left after he got all he info I've been afraid too go see a cyroprator and or doctor because I wanted too make sure she had insurance so I'm not paying out my pocket too help my pain it still hurts and I'm not sure who too start or go about it

  5. I already had spinal stenosis a FedEx truck t boned me went to the chiropractor for 6 weeks should I get a large settlement

  6. I was hit by an 10 wheeler semi truck 🚛 and I suffered whiplash and diagnosed with a neck sprain and received medications. The truck was at fault and he was also on the job. I was driving for lyft so I was on the job too. My car was totaled, therefore I lost my only source of income. How much should this be worth?

  7. Wow. You're comments are very detailed. Thank you for taking the time to help people

  8. I was T boned by a drunk driver, and it was a hit and run. The police caught the guy, thank God. And the person had insurance, as did I. I was taken to the ER for back pain and have been in Physical Therapy for about 3 months. About 12-15 sessions. My medical bills have been about $6000. I can perform my exercises but have been told not to jog or run yet. I used to go to the gym 3-4 a week. I can't lift heavy anymore or jog. How much do you think I will get?

  9. How about Louisiana law. I was rear ended, I'm in an F-150, extended cab stopped on road because of a broken tractor and a Dodge Journey suv small vehicle, hit me at 55 mph. Bent both sides of the frame on my truck. Neither of us were drinking. I Have serious back pain now and neck is starting to hurt

  10. I had a concussion, whiplash, bruises, soft tissue injury in back and thighs—after being rear-ended by two cars on highway (second car hit me 8 minutes after the first car while EMT was already on scene). Its been 6 years since accident and only being offered $10k each both insurances

  11. Exaggerated personal injury claims. Soft fraud? Be careful claiming you had a whiplash if the driver who hit you has a dash cam and was able to capture a good view of the occupants of your car showing what really happened inside. Its called whiplash… whip like motion. Without that whiplash motion, forget about your demand for that. That, in addition to your vehicle that does not show significant vehicle bumper deformation and/or dislocation.

    There are people who will make an extra buck whenever possible and stage and make up for everything to make it work.

  12. I'm in Virginia. Got rear ended last month, car got totaled, police report filed, main injuries are soft tissue to back and neck, xray done, free consult lawyers told me to call them back once I'm asked to go for physical therapy only. Guess they know they wont make enough money to help me otherwise?

  13. Hi when you started juries have a bias with 18 wheelers will you please elaborate. Maybe an example?

    I’m so concerned about that as I was hit my a freight-liner. I just don’t believe it should have the same impact as a car or SUV. The likelihood of me having a normal quality of life.

    I mean I’m over 50. My body won’t bounce back like someone in their 20s or 30s.

  14. Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Mahorrla Drive Remedy Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good one of a kind guide for getting rid of a driving anxiety minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  15. A company van rear-ended me. Driver stated he “looked up and I was there” ….WHILE I WAS STOPPED AT A RED LIGHT FOR ATLEAST 5 SECONDS!! Driver hit me at 40mph. The drivers’ insurance pays up to $1 million…. I didn’t go to the hospital but I got a lawyer the following week, I’ve been going to the chiro my lawyer referred for a few weeks now & I’m super stressed/confused about this whole thing

  16. Wow. Glad I don’t live in Florida. Other than that, thanks for the video, Justin.

  17. Accudent in 60s, low speed, passanger just picked up and not with driver that night, Sitting in back seat behind driver..rainny cold night, down town city, ran into backbof parked Simi or Large truck, Jaws if life used 4 rescue on me in back, and Driver Critically Injured yet managed to live..had eyes, lungs puntured, another backseat passanger, climed out if back window in shock.

  18. I’m in Nevada , got rear ended I was at a complete stop, my cars little and low, Hera was big and she was probably going 30 mph. No police report was documented. I’m having a hard time speaking with her insurance. The car doesn’t have significant damage. The plate is bent and the paint from the back has peeled moderately. I went to work the next day and I can’t really do things anymore. The lady also attempted to run before giving my boyfriend and I her insurance. She was in a hurry to work. That’s why she hit us bc she knew she couldn’t get to the other side of the road fast enough without hitting other cars so she hit us

  19. In Florida, if someone speeds through a Stop sign, totaling your vehicle, but they have no personal injury coverage, it seems there is nothing for pain and suffering at all. Once medical bills etc, are paid, not much is left. Medical runs up fast. Great information here. Florida is not a good place to be hit by someone. We need to get rid of the “ No fault” law ASAP. Thank you

  20. I was in car accident September 23, 2019 and my car was totaled I suffer from whiplash and neck pain I now go to therapy to this day I always feel dizzy and catch and headache how much do you think my settlement will be

  21. JZ how much you think I will get for pain in thoracic spine as a passenger ?

  22. If a company pick up truck pulling heavy equipment rear ends you going 45(ish) you are completely not at fault and you have picture and (security camera) video evidence.. is the case normally favorable?

  23. About 20 years ago I was rear ended i was in a Honda crx making a right turn into work and two high school girls in a dodge Dakota on their way to school hit me so hard the car spun at least 3 times broke my reclining seat the state trooper on the seen tried to say it was my fault come to find out it was his friends daughter any way i didn't get shit but a life time of headaches neck pain and dizziness, great video sir thanks for sharing

  24. Hi I was rear ended in the company's vehicle was put on restrictions for about 3months which they couldn't accommodate me at work I was going to therapy that whole time too….I was reached out by the insurance company about reaching a settlement….any advice on a fair settlement? Thank u

  25. yes but if you only have limited tort your are screwed Cant go after pain suffering cash

  26. I suffer a concussion and c 4 and c5 have a bulging disc and neck sprain is my case worth any thing

  27. i`m wondering what my settlement will be…uhaul truck pulled out in front of me..the guys insurance doesnt want to take responsibility, and the driver didnt report accident to uhaul. the other driver was cited. my car estimate is over $2300…i had to go to chiropractor for 8 weeks for whiplash and shoulder pain…chiro said i`m not getting worse but i`m not getting better. the lawyer has just received the paperwork from chiropractor. i`m wondering who is going to be responsible, uhaul or other drivers insurance, or driver himself?