New Why Bitcoin is Going to ZERO – The HIDDEN THREAT to Cryptocurrency.

Ex-Google Techlead on the hidden threat to Bitcoin: stablecoins. Following the data and where the “big money” is moving like Facebook’s Diem digital currency and the electronic Chinese Yuan, ex-Google/ex-Facebook multi-millionaire TechLead considers the future of money and whether it belongs to Crypto or the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).
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  1. 💎🙌 Diamond Hands? Get Bitcoin and 2 FREE Stocks on WeBull valued up to $1850 (when you deposit $100):
    My other video on "Why I Sold All of My Bitcoins"

  2. RidingtheEventHorizon

    Another statist. The power lies with the individual not a “government” and “we” have already decided. Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. “Banning” crypto is nothing more than baseless lip service.

  3. john barwood

    You didn’t think this through at all. BTCs value is not that it is ‘digital’ the features of the digital Yuan make it even worse than ‘paper’ fiat. Imagine a dollar bill that could be programmed to disappear if you didn’t spend it within a month or be confiscated because you were deemed socially degenerate.

  4. Precisely the reason why BTC will NOT go to zero. Learn (Austrian) economics.

  5. clayton meyer

    Nice one but I wonder why people still have the intention that Btc will keep falling forever better buy the dip now it might take us to the moon 🌕 soon

  6. Dariusz Kolodziejczyk

    yez you got it LOL

  7. Short it or gfy

  8. Ziyaad Karlie

    Keep making more vids, so that i can buy the dip

  9. Yes I think you missed something… inflation

  10. Great video,So true. BTC was made to die in a certain date. They are keeping those elected allcoins in low price to avoid our interest just focus on the elefante in the room.

  11. Richard Hubbard

    LOL! You have no idea what yourr talking about, with all due respect. Stable coins? Good grief

  12. Silver Franklin

    The rate at which bitcoin fell is never appealing

  13. Alexandros Fotiadis

    You misunderstand, bitcoin is not cash, bitcoin is a limited reserve which has a limit on reproducing (can not be printed) there for its value will never go to ZERO, it already started, the algorithm consumes too much energy… not the transactions BUT THE MINING. This is what people don't understand and sell there bitcoins which are buyed by authorities. Bitcoin will be the base of such stable-coins and central banks, only with limited reserved assets we can create a balance to stable coins OTHERWISE we fall into the same ** where money is printed and creates instability into the economy.

    Elon musk tries to scare out people from bitcoin, Just one question: Elon musk invested 1.5 bil into bitcoins without knowing that it consumes energy ? They are not fools, the people who react on tweets are and its fine, its all fine, we will get the bitcoins, Elon musk scares out the idiots of bitcoin…. thanks elon. Bitcoin will explode after energy-consumption-regulations in which the mining industry will not have much to sell and there for the providers will increase bitcoin price, have fun.

  14. Аркадий Ласкин

    I myself am not averse to troll the general public sometimes. But this is a completely different level. Hats off to you. Absolute GOAT . "Stable coins is store of value" – brilliant, just brilliant!!!

  15. 8:30 gold and bitcoin for kings, fiat and central bank digital currency for slaves

  16. your combination of arrogance and ignorance is disastrous.

  17. 5:00 i am interested in your facebook insider perspective on Libra/Diem rather than looking at just what is in the open press

  18. You should watch Joe Brown on Heresy Financial and George Gammon on Rebel Capitalist about CBDCs. Also Stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies are by definition different things because Stablecoins are pegged to the value of a central bank currency.

  19. man gets into crypto and immediately thinks hes established the reasons as to why a a trillion dollar asset will go to 0. you made this video as clickbait, you know it and we know it

  20. Wtf do you mean you can't track the travel of a crypto coin? How do you think people get prosecuted in court? Blockchain is refutable data storage mixed with a distributed ledger (key word 'ledger').You even said it's decentralized… But CBDC's can? No it wouldn't… we couldn't see where the Chinese government is moving money in there own blockchain… bitcoin you can see all transactions and track where all bitcoins go. You sound like you've been paid off by the Chinese government mate.

  21. Bitcoin isa store of wealth

  22. FUD guy spreading panic

  23. In what universe are you? Stable coin HAVE fee

  24. Peter Petrov

    So basically you need permission from a government or a corporation to use "your" CBDC and they can track you, block you, reverse your transactions, dilute your money, etc. Do you now see why Bitcoin is better? You don't need to trust anybody to use your money. But who would want that? EVERYBODY with a brain– that's who! Also BTC becomes more valuable with each new user which is a nice benefit (but only if you like money). Supply/demand–very confusing.

  25. With the current dip in the crypto market, it's a wise business decision to start trading in forex. Let's face it. We don't know for certain when the crypto market would come back up. I just feel forex is a wiser choice.

  26. Cooking Section

    lol I bet you really think you have come up with a genius thesis😂 I’m not even going to try explain why cbdc are irrelevant to bitcoin’s survival. This is a very lazy video.

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