New Why BTL Mortgages Are Interest Only

This week I explain the difference between residential repayment mortgages and buy to let interest only mortgages and why the latter are so invaluable to investors!

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  1. This makes so much sense, I wish I could show this to my partner and family, but they all put their fingers in their ears and think that any debt is bad regardless and there's nothing I can do to change their minds. A question for you, what about a family/group of people pooling money together for BTL, perhaps as a company, is that feasible, does that make any sense?

  2. Nicely explained Perry but 100k only gets you four mortgages at 25k

  3. Struggling at the minute mate; I'm a first time buyer (never own any residential before) trying to find a mortgage for a BTL- using your wealth strategy and going for cashflow. My broker is currently struggling to find a willing lender of BTL mortgages due to me never being a residential owner before, and they do seem to place more weight on my income from my day job than expected. I hoped it wouldn't matter for the reasons you're explaining. I have a decent deposit as well, giving a 25/75%LTV, but also self-employed. Good general info though.

  4. Cheers Perry another great video. Would you buy BTL as an individual or as a Ltd company. Considering the latter as I’m a higher rate tax payer

  5. Thanks for explaining this all Perry!

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