New Why do I need a lawyer after a road traffic accident?

Cardiff-based personal injury lawyer, Nick Collins, explains the benefits of seeking legal advice after a traffic accident and the various options of compensation that a lawyer can provide.

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Transcript: Bringing a claim can be very complex, obtaining the right level of compensation can be even more complex. Representing the interest of the defendant would probably be an experienced insurer or solicitor. By seeking legal advice, yourself, it means you’re putting an equal footing in for the best possible chance of recurring the right level of compensation.

Lawyers can advise on eligibility and on the procedure and on the correct level of compensation but as well as those matters we can often provide: access to an early interim payment where required; or perhaps to expert medical treatment; or rehabilitation that might not otherwise be available on the NHS.

It’s never too early to contact a lawyer. There may well be good reasons why a lawyer might advise you to perhaps delay progressing a claim. Possibly because you need some treatment before the right level of compensation can be determined.

The dangers of rejecting legal advice or perhaps walking away half way through a case is that you’re going to end up with an inappropriate outcome and not the best settlement from your own perspective so remaining with a lawyer is usually in the clients best interest in terms of delivering the best possible outcome.


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