New Why L.A. County’s Sheriff Supports District Attorney George Gascón Recall | Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Crime is on the rise, and some recent shocking statistics have come out of Los Angeles. There’s been a 92 percent increase in homicide over the past year, and assault with a deadly weapon, rape, and auto theft are all up. The list goes on.

My guest is Sheriff Alex Villanueva, head of the largest sheriff’s department in the country, in charge of protecting Los Angeles County’s 10 million residents.

He discusses the Gascón Recall and why he supports it.

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  1. Mark Dowling

    What did people think they were going to get with George Gascon this is a man who ran San Francisco you know the shit hole in Northern California and now he runs Los Angeles which is a shit hole and I can’t believe that Joe Biden has actually talked about having Gil Garcetti become one of his overseas ambassadors or something hoping that maybe he’ll be the next president you’ve got to be fucking joking

  2. Joshua Correa

    Must be reelection time. Bc this same sheriff let out VIOLENT felons for covid. He also cited people for going to church or for dating
    Daring to have gatherings or the crime of having you business open. now Hev wants to pretend he's for the people. He helped make that mess. He's also soft on illegals that commit violent crimes. He only wants to get reelected. He's a 2 faced politician with a badge! He supported those reforms. He also won't allow those people to defend themselves with a ccw!

  3. SoCal Gear Guy

    I feel bad for people in LA county since they basically cant get a CCW and defend themselves if needed under this sheriff.

  4. Emperor Chad

    The entire state gov should be recalled.

  5. Politicians get to act like they don’t see or hear anything from behind Armed guards with machine guns and bulletproof glass

  6. Gascon is a useless a##hole. Good job LA.

  7. Not the biggest fan of Sheriff Villanueva but at least glad to see him push back against the extreme liberal policies and politicians affecting LA County.

    That said if sheriff Villanueva would stop supporting more gun control for the law abiding, I would actually consider voting for him in the recall election. He would be a great candidate.

  8. This sheriff refuses to cooperate with ICE but had the nerve to say that homeless guy should be sent back to MD. Wtf? This sheriff also doesn't believe in issuing CCW's, therefore is part of the L.A. problem. He's directly contributing to the crime problem. F'ck all these 🤡!

  9. Frank Martinez

    Yesterday , there was a man in front of my house, he looked familiar. He was released from jail due to carscun. I didn’t notice, his release. Damn, we have a gun now. He steps inside my house, I am taking business.

  10. Recall Gascon!

  11. That's the same one who said he wouldn't work with ICE or Trump to track and deport illegal immigrants. That's why California looks like a third world country. Not only the government of California.

  12. When law enforcement, intel community continue to violate the US Constitutional rights of Americans to protect themselves inside and outside their home, are Constitutional Conservatives, Constitutionalists, libertarians and inbetweeners supposed to keep supporting them, during this time of Civil War 2

  13. Gascon f*cked up San Francisco. Now he is going to f*ck up L.A.

  14. 😱Bush China Foundation got PAID $5M by CCP! they should have a lot of things to do now…
    👉watch this video

  15. solemn Peace

    didn't this same guy support sancuary cities when it's so blantant traitiors recall all

  16. These are caused by your fellow marxists Lt V

  17. Robert Marcotte

    I've been a resident, and have watched LA County deteriorating over 51 yrs. LA County may be beyond repair by now, as those who claim to be in tune, and "awoke" are asleep at the wheel.
    *The agenda here is to legalize unlawful acts and behavior*. Every riot and protests here turns out to be an excuse to rob, loot, burn and kill.
    Gascon, Garcetti and the entire LA Board of Supervisor's must go!

  18. Alex Fitzgerald Jr.


  19. Cari Heuneman

    Maybe he should run for governor of California?? He is definitely a good guy!!

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