New Wife Allows Husbands Organs To Be Donated After He Dies From A Cardiac Arrest | Helicopter ER

A wife makes the difficult decision to allow her husband to pass away in the hospital after a cardiac arrest, a decision that helped save the lives of two other people, as she allowed his organs to be donated.

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  1. Anette Brøchner


  2. Chris Boddum // Jackpody

    This was really hard to watch, my most sincere condolences.

  3. Tyler Sheehy

    I say no i refuse to donate my orgains

  4. Ridiculous hazmat suits 😂

  5. Catherine Rothe

    Transplant doctors are like vultures.

  6. Having one heart attack was enough for me. The warning signs are there: chest pain the week before, the shoulder feeling weird. Yes it's a heart attack. Please get yourself to hospital the minute you experience one of many symptoms as your body is telling u something. Prayers also for his dear wife.

  7. Chest pain for a week prior, such a shame. Especially if older, please don’t ignore chest pain.

  8. If you live in the US you can sign up to be an organ donor at the DMV. I did it when I got my driver's license.

  9. My brother received a kidney from his wife in 1987 and when he passed away in an accident 24 years later it was still working. My nephew, his son, passed away in July of 2021, in death he gave the gift of life. They were able to use his heart and kidneys.

  10. Susan Anderson

    I'm so sorry he did not survive. May he rest in peace. Please take good care of yourself and accept help when offered. Its a difficult road you are on.

  11. Verity I'm so proud of you. What a heart breaking loss, but also, giving the gift of life to others.

  12. She could have waited and he would have either gotten better or died

  13. You cant just pull the plug she killed him

  14. dude cops these days, they actually arrested his heart

  15. aarron grigg

    That must be such a hard decision to make and to say that to your husband must be heart breaking 🙁

  16. I’m 17 and I’ve chosen to donate my organs if I die


    Bless her heart…..I advise all people to buy a blood pressure monitor….People do not know they have high blood pressure till it is too late…If you catch it early then you can be put on medication that will save you from dying from a heart attack or stroke….So many people walking round not knowing they are ticking time bombs <3

  18. GOrDoN ReMseY

    I'm in tears honestly, when she said "its time to go." I feel so bad for her😔

  19. my momma saved two peoples life after she died 💔🙏

  20. 😪😪😪😪

  21. Rose Crimando

    Thank you from the bottom of my ❤. I received a liver transplant 3 yrs ago.I was dying and I have rare blood. I was going home anda
    miracle came in

  22. Strong woman!

  23. 🙏🙏🙏

  24. I am a proud organdonor for the past 30 years

  25. Rachael Busby

    Wow. It never ceases to amaze me that my dad survived this! He really shouldn’t have. He was only 50 and suffered a heart attack, followed by cardiac arrest while working. He was repairing something in a residential home at the time and not 1 person was able to administer CPR. So for the first couple minutes, he was just barely there and had gone before the ambulance arrived. The paramedics who worked on my dad were incredible, the performed CPR for 30 minutes before giving him 8 shocks with defibrillator, then stabilised him to take to hospital. There he had emergency surgery to have stents placed, where he suffered another cardiac arrest and received 3 more shocks. After, he was intubated and placed under a coma to let his body/organs cool down. We were told there wasn’t a lot of hope and that because of lack of oxygen, he was very likely brain damaged. 3 days later, they decided to attempt to wake him up and check if he would breathe on his own. They prepared us that he may not and we could re-intubate if so but he did it!! It certainly wasn’t over and we could still very much lose him at this stage but it was the first of many positive signs in a sea of set backs and loss of hope. About 24 hours later, they started to wake him up and this was finally the time to see if he even would. Slowly he came around but just wasn’t himself, he was obviously on a lot of medication but he was very confused and aggressive and it wasn’t his personality. He was suffering from short term memory loss, which was scary because it went on for a while and the doctors became concerned also. Luckily, that got better and so did his other personality changes. He may still be a grumpy old, forgetful man but he is the same man we always knew and the gratitude was immense. He did have some complications after being woken but he got through everything! I am incredibly proud of my dad, he is a fighter! It will be 8 years this October 🥰 he did however, go on to have a quadruple bypass 2 years ago. They have kept close monitoring since his heart attack, as there was the chance he would have more in the future. He basically has a whole new heart now and we are keeping this one healthy as possible!

  26. One random Human

    I’m so sorry for that lady but I love her without knowing her for the sacrifice that she made 🕊🕊🕊

  27. jesus that's really fucking sad

  28. Generic Human

    Thank you to anyone who is an organ donor or has given permission for a family members organs to be donated. So many people have been given a second chance at life and have gone on to do great things because of donation

  29. What A Great Role Model

  30. PhatGranny_Pus

    This is what being British is about ❤️🇬🇧

  31. She giving the gift of life to someone. My dad received a transplant.

  32. What a strong lady

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