New Will the Jones Act help injured maritime workers & sailors?

You’ve been injured in a maritime or offshore accident. Your injury is serious. You’re no longer able to work for the foreseeable future. Your medical bills are mounting. Your paychecks no longer are being issued.
You’ve heard that the Jones Act is a means of seeking payment for your injury losses when a negligent employer, owner, operator, captain or crew member caused your accident. But you have so many expenses. How much can the Jones Act truly do?

In short, how much can the Jones Act get you paid after a maritime or offshore accident?

We can answer that, and in one word: Plenty. The Jones Act, in fact, is your best option for a legal remedy to your accident injury costs, providing far more than standard workers compensation insurance or what are known as no-fault “maintenance and cure” payments from employers.

What kinds of costs can Jones Act federal maritime law cover? For one thing, the Jones Act can provide for your health care and medical costs as a result of your injury. In fact, it can provide money for your rehabilitation expenses as well.

Also, the Jones Act can help you get money for disfigurement caused by your accident injury, whether such disfigurement takes the form of scars, burns or other injuries.

Possibly related to such disfigurement is what’s known in legal terms as “pain and suffering.” The Jones Act can provide you payments for that, too. These losses aren’t easily measurable in dollars, but they are legitimate losses for which you can be compensated.

Beyond these things, the Jones Act also can help you to collect compensation for the money you would have made if you’d been able to continue working — that is, your present and future wages. It’s not your fault that a negligent employer caused you to suffer an accident injury that prevents you from working. That employer should pay you the money you’d have earned if you were able to continue working.

When an offshore worker, maritime worker, seaman, sailor or marine worker is killed in an accident injury on the job, the worker’s surviving family members can seek such compensation for the losses noted above. They also can seek money to pay for funeral expenses. In fact, they can seek compensation for loss of companionship and for loss of support, provided that the deceased employee was the family’s chief income source.

The Jones Act can provide these and other payments as compensation for a maritime or offshore injury because the law is specifically designed to help injured persons who work upon the water. But legal help is needed to apply such a law. And we have maritime attorneys and Jones Act lawyers who are trained to handle your case.

Give us a call today at 1-800-566-3434, or send us this site’s free case review form, shown above, and we’ll quickly respond to help you. Our job will be to get you the economic recovery you need and deserve — recovery you can gain via the Jones Act.


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