New WIN a Game of FALL GUYS and I'll DONATE $_____

Donating to Twitch Streamers with Gee! This was so fun to film, I hope you all enjoy!

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    freya the best sidemen gf

  2. Love your videos

  3. Adam Ritchie


  4. Safe to say Gee has got crackin juggs lol

  5. We NEED to see your reaction for the song and gee

  6. Seminar Stakson

    Geez what a boring video,

  7. Happy birthday 🥳

  8. Hannah Dockerill

    Oh my goodness only just seen this! You are so so generous! Thanks again! <3

  9. Josh should really change freya for emily black honestly

  10. Happy early birthday!

  11. sanjay beredo

    what ur discord?

  12. Happy birthday Freya always stay true to yourself and hope you had a PENG day🎂🎉🎊☺️

  13. anees ahmed bvb

    Happy birthday freya

  14. Dam youtube are getting damn comfortable with these unskippable adds

  15. Your instagram not found

  16. ParrottGaming

    I came to this channel to say one thing.


  17. We Love You Freya, We Do! We Love You Freya, We Do! Ooooh Freya, We Love Yooooou!

  18. Ngl Josh should take Emily Black instead of freya just an opinion lol

  19. All I saw was FILA all video

  20. Zacharious Mitchell

    No one can beat the ultimate prize giver @mrbeast6000

  21. Is gee a lesbian

  22. Cool

  23. DogsAtWar311

    You sound like a kid 😂

  24. That song was exactly pretty good for coming off the top of his head.

  25. Steelers Gang

    Gee made me pop a tent in my pants!! Now I have 2 buy more LOTION

  26. Love u guys such inspirations

  27. you two are the best

  28. The True Squad

    bro the song at the end for just a challenge he did really well

  29. BuzzGamingHQ

    Don’t u have when they are british like me and keep talking about dollars not pound

  30. Abhishek Sivam

    im here from joshs stream

  31. Gid is such a legend omg 😂❤️

  32. The thumbnail change 😂👌 get those views

  33. Wow gidds song went off uno 😂 so much better than what anyone was expecting I'm sure, what a story.

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