New Winslow Attorney Says Due To Prosecution Case Melting Down Winslow Didn't Take Stand In First Trial

Kellen Winslow’s Attorney, Marc Carlos, Says Due To Prosecution Case Melting Down Around Them, Defendant Didn’t Take The Stand In First Trial
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  1. Money grabbing lawyers are as bad as their clients. The man is not remorseful and will do it again when he is released. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. James Sylvestri

    Think before you act

  3. He was my favorite player for the Miami Hurricanes the few years he was in college.
    For some reason I always thought he was off a little bit , if you know what I mean.

  4. many athletes are criminals and sexual deviants….look at oj

  5. this guy has more plastic surgery than sharon osborne

  6. marc carlos is a scum bag

  7. BGF in the chest.

    This guy definitely needs MAJOR anger management classes while in jail?

  8. BGF in the chest.

    I didn't know you can only see cte once dead? not while alive? That should be something researchers should try and find away while athletes are still alive.

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