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This is your Fourth Stimulus Check Update Today 2021 and Daily News Update. More Information about Gold Mountain :
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The Third Stimulus Check has officially been PASSED and the Fourth Stimulus Check Update Package has already been announced too as well as upcoming $10,000 or more of Student Loan Forgiveness 2021 and Student Debt Forgiveness, $200 per month Social Security Benefits increase, $25,000 home buyer credit, mortgage and rent assistance, utility and property tax assistance, $10,200 unemployment tax refund and more coming. President Biden also passed multiple executive orders already and said there is more to come. There are also states and cities are passing stimulus checks and rent assistance like the California stimulus check update called the Golden State Stimulus Program where California just announced $600 to $1100 stimulus checks to over 25 million people and other states are announcing new stimulus checks and programs like this in the near future. So make sure to watch to the end of this video and subscribe for more upcoming videos as there are more areas passing stimulus each day. In addition to that there are proposals for social security stimulus check and for a 2021 increase social security benefits, ssi, ssdi, and railroad benefits by $200 EXTRA per month or $2400 per year social security changes and also an unemployment update of benefits of $1200 per month ($300 per week). Also tune in for more information about the third stimulus check update and what the new administration plans to do with the new $2000 stimulus check update and info on your tax refund 2021!

Mortgage Assistance from your State Housing Authority from the Homeowners Assistance Fund:

Rent Assistance:

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✅ There are several different checks being sent out now, watch this video to find out who is getting checks now –

🔥Want to help pass the 4th Stimulus Check? Watch this video to learn about a petition you can sign –

💥 Multiple Stimulus Checks Coming Soon??? –

⚡️ NEW Proposed Social Security Raises –

🔥 More info about the $3000 / $3600 Child Tax Credits paid as monthly stimulus checks that are starting in July! –

✅ This video shows how you can get a $6,600+ tax refund through the adult earned income tax credit –

💥 Most recent video on a new $25,000 home buyer grant –

⚡️Watch this video to learn the History of Stimulus Checks and How the government works (You’ll learn a lot!) –

✅ Want to learn how to start a business selling products on Amazon FBA? Watch these videos in order to the end and the next video will auto play teaching you how –

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New Stimulus Payout Update:
Congress has just passed the third stimulus check update package with $1400 checks and $300 per week or $1200 per month unemployment boost. In this new stimulus check update video we go over how the new second stimulus package has just passed and how to claim it. We will also talk about the third stimulus check update in 2021 and Fourth Stimulus Check Update Package / the Infrastructure Package is on the way!

Thanks for watching my youtube channel: the its Jimmy Show, or it’s Jimmy, aka it is Jimmy, from Jimmy Michalek and the stimulus check update Jimmy 🙂


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  1. Gail Duthie-Miranda

    Hope you were able to have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday with your family, Jimmy! Been watching your show daily now for a year and I don't miss an episode!! Love you all so much and love our virtual family! :-* PS….Thanks for the mortgage assistance. I was able to get 5 months worth in Wisconsin! YAY!!

  2. Hello Jimmy. I looked up GOLD MOUNTAIN NOW but no luck on Google. Do you have the link to gold mountain now? Thank you sir.

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  6. We elect a wrong president

  7. Isnt happening u should all stop all this news

  8. Patricia Hall

    What are people that are on disability and are elderly.The children have theirs now SSI will have theirs what are the rest of us supposed to do,crawl in a hole or find us a piece of the sidewalk.This damn country and it's leaders are getting worse and worse God help us.

  9. Crystal Williams

    In pa got rent asstance was soo great full. For it

  10. Crafts & Resin

    Until now I didn’t get the taxes still processing

  11. Brenda Petrie

    What if you have your mortgage paid off can you still get help with your property taxes electric Etc your low income

  12. For the morgage do they have to pay taxes later?

  13. Tamatha Bollig

    We only make 40 thousand a year what can I apply for.

  14. Judy Terhune

    Been watching for awhile now..mainly cause your from Ohio as I am as love your shows. Hope all is well, keep up the great work and thank you and your wife for all the updates

  15. Don Laliberte

    Hey Jimmy where is our hazard pay for essential front line workers from day 1

  16. francisco plancarte

    Hey jimmy what stock app or website do you use because I can’t seem to find it on robinhood

  17. Hope you had a great Memorial Day. I love your show I listen to you everyday. Your little man is really great. I love the way he talks. Do you have stocks? I am sorta scared about getting any.

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  21. Marie Franklin

    I got $1600 in rental assistance here in Michigan

  22. Karren Johnson

    It was only a 1 time payment they told me and it took a month to get it. In Louisiana and they don’t try to help you at all and I should were I’m in Finiancial crisis

  23. Debbie Young

    So Jimmy could u talk about hazard pay for the people who workd the whole pandemic..what happen to our stimulas..

  24. Stephen Valentine Jr

    Hello Jimmy. I was wanting to know what is the link for the internet assistance program? I know Jimmy did a video on it and I can not find the video and link for it. I live in Kentucky.

    Thank You

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    What is the best program to buy stocks in and I wish you had a video with for beginners stock buyers because it would help us out because of a lot of us never really bought stocks and we'll get it's kind of scary to us even if it was only a 30-minute program it would help out so much

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    I think their will be reacuring stimmuls checks

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    Jimmy how does one get into stocks and bonds?

  28. My mom got her food stamps but it was only $55 there was no increase

  29. Russell McGinnis

    There only saying there's a shortage because they don't want to pay for the blanks to make the silver coins. Plus wall street is buying 80% of all silver mined. That's why the S&L just bought it up. The mint doesn't want to pay that much to get it.

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    That is the almanac from back to the future part 2

  31. did the vp break the tie in the senate

  32. what legislators have not addressed that I have heard is, that if people on ssi,ssdi etc get a 200$ boost in there pay or even less, some people teeter on a poverty line..if you are under the poverty line for income that 130$ medicare fee gets waved, not sure if this is everywhere but it happens here in Michigan..lets say for example 1300 is poverty line and a person makes 1250 a month and gets a raise to 1341 a month..they got a 91$ raise putting them over the 1300$ threshold and now have to pay 130$ a month for medicare, loose their copay help, food benefits etc…so that 90$ raise will actually leave them with LESS money each month.

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